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Conversations on the Future of Business: Boston

Whatever your industry, whatever line of business you lead, you won’t want to miss this exclusive opportunity to engage in provocative conversations and hands-on workshops with today’s biggest thought leaders and your peers about universally relevant topics of the day.

Join us on November 19 at the Liberty Hotel in Boston for a thought provoking event featuring keynote speaker Josh Linkner, a New York Times best-selling author and expert on creativity, to discuss and explore the ideas transforming our world and your business.

There's never been an event quite like it. RSVP today!

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Join the Conversation

Get ready to make change!“Conversations on the Future of Business” is a unique executive event, focused on bold ideas about global trends that are not only challenging our businesses but shaping our lives in remarkable and unprecedented ways.  Join the conversation!

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Leading Change

Hear from some of today's most provocative thinkers – including Josh Linkner, CEO of Detroit Venture Partners, best-selling author, and expert on the art of creativity – as we explore the global trends that are reshaping our increasingly complex, interconnected world.” 

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