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Break-Out Track II:
Research & Co-Innovation

This track will be facilitated by Stanford University and Hasso Plattner Institute, Victor Taratoukhine and Matthias Uflacker.


Victor Taratoukhine, Stanford University, “Introduction to ME310 and the Sugar Network”

Matthias Uflacker, Hasso Plattner Institute, “ERCIS: Academia-Industry collaboration network”

Prof. Dr. Joerg Becker, Westfaelische Wilhelms University Muenster, “How Muenster Applies ME310”

Andreas Hausmann, Chief Technologist HP EMEA, Hewlett Packard, “HP´s Vision of Future Computing and actual research about “The Machine” and Collaboration of HP Labs with the Hasso Plattner Institute"

Session Wrap-up by Victor Taratoukhine and Matthias Uflacker, and Ann Rosenberg, VP and Head of Global SAP University Alliances

The session will include a panel discussion which will focus on ME310 and the Sugar Network and the HPI Future SOC Lab.