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Big Data + Big Ideas = Big Business


Meet us at the Farnborough International Airshow 2014 where we are looking forward to demonstrating how you and your company can harness the potential of big data to innovate your business, simplify work and help attract new clients and increase profits.

Big Data is not only for IT geeks. Big Data can mean a great deal to your specific functional role within your organization. Whether you are in procurement, program management, HR, and manufacturing or aftermarket services - come onboard the Big Data Truck to explore what the potential of data can mean to you.

See details below on what innovation use cases will be demonstrated by the SAP experts at FIA14. 

Receive a free e-book voucher of Human Face of Big Data when requesting a meeting with us today.

Turn your Big Data Ideas into Big Business

Learn in this short overview what Big Data is, what are the business opportunities for aerospace companies and what demos are shown at FIA14 by SAP.


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Meet the SAP Big Data Truck @FIA14

Why you should visit the SAP Big Data Truck and where you can find us @FIA14


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Honeywell Aerospace is Mastering Big Data

Find out how Honeywell Aerospace is using SAP in-memory technology to harness and control Big Data.

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SAP Makes Big Data Real

Big Data means different things to different people. See what it can mean to your industry


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