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Kairos Analytics

The Predictive Software for B2B Sales & Marketing Teams to understand, retain, grow and acquire more valuable customers

  • Kairos Marketing Intelligence

    Marketing has evolved to use many solutions to deliver messages to customers and understand a customer’s needs. All these solutions create lots of data.

    Marketing Intelligence uses this data to enable these good solutions to work even better. The amount and complexity of this data in B2B companies is ideal for automated data analysis and predictive modelling.

    Kairos is a new Marketing Intelligence software platform for B2B Sales & Marketing Teams;
    bringing Science to your Marketing

  • Kairos benefits:
    • Understand Predicted Customer Lifetime Value
    • Acquire more valuable  new customers
    • Retain the customers you want most
    • Grow the value of your existing customers


  • Co-innovation benefits:
    • Reduced time-to-market
    • Future-proofed architecture
    • Market leading software partnership


    Please visit this link to learn more about Kairos Analytics

  • Kairos features:
    • Measure and track the impact of Marketing on Customer Lifetime Value
    • Use internal and external data to automatically create advanced new segments and personas
    • Explore the potential for up-sell and cross-sell opportunities to optimise existing customer lifetime value
    • Allocate the most appropriate retention budget and ensure it is spent on the customers most likely to leave and you want to keep
    • Predict & Audit Customer Lifetime Value at an individual customer level
    • Understand the true value of Marketing ROI
    • Get up and running in under a week (in the cloud), running on SAP’s leading in-memory database platform – HANA

  • "Using SAP’s latest technology has meant that our advanced marketing intelligence platform, Kairos, can quickly deliver capabilities to our customers that previously would have been very difficult and prohibitively expensive. Collaboration with SAP’s co-innovation centre has helped us make the best use of the new technology and leverage the diverse resources within SAP to enable us to meet our customer’s needs. Kairos powered by SAP HANA makes marketing intelligence simple.”
    - Glen Westlake, CEO, Kairos Analytics Ltd


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