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Migration of in-house Bank-BI solution from Oracle to HANA

Headquatered in Jordan Pio-Tech is one of the regions leading experts in providing solution for the Banking industry. Bank-BI® is a business intelligence solution built to meet the unique and challenging needs of the banking industry by providing a wide enterprise platform for reporting, query, analysis, and performance measurement to assess business performance from various perspectives, based on collecting data from numerous sources, enabling the banks to operate more efficiently and effectively and better serve their customers .

Bank-BI® integrates best of breed products, leading technologies and proven banking industry experience to deliver unified data-warehouse to empower the users with information for better decision making, and help organizations leverage valuable data to develop deeper understanding to its customers, products and processes.

In a co-innovation project with SAP supported by SAP Training & Development Institute, SAP Co-innovation Labs and GPO Solution Center, Pio-Tech is in the progress of migrating their Bank-BI ® from Oracle to SAP HANA reaping the benefits of SAP’s in-memory data platform.


    Main highlights:

    - Real time interactions and execute complex analysis for large volume of data at high speeds allowing increased business agility
    - Efficient automation for compliance and financial reporting
    - Profitability measurement allowing increased business competitiveness.
    - Performance management, Includes budgeting and planning, strategy management, dashboard for KPI visualization.

    Co-innovation benefits:

    - End-to-end approach is adopted from idea to go-to-market
    - Cloud based complex development landscape including HANA, Data Services, Oracle, and SAP BI
    - Tailored support & expertise to Pio-Tech by SAP
    - Jointly defined go-to-market plan for the region

    Please visit Pio-Tech to learn more

    “There is a big picture and potential on Co-innovation. Differentiation is the key in banking sector to stay in and lead the highly competitive environment. SAP helps us to differentiate our solution and technology offering via Co-innovation.” - Rand Hashem, CEO, Pio-Tech

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