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Rocket Consulting

  • With their deep industry knowledge Rocket had identified a need in the market for a mobile solution covering the key aspects of logistics management. Their customers were asking for a solution to support an increasing demand for same day delivery while at the same time helping to reduce fuel costs, meet sustainability targets and compliance demands. The current market consists of siloed solutions and no one solution were able to meet those customer requirements and with the huge market potential Rocket decided to develop this solution in a co-innovation project with SAP including other partners like CoPilot and Intermec.

  • Main features:
    - Route management
    - Turn-by-turn navigation
    - Delivery & returns management
    - Vehicle roadworthiness checks

    Co-innovation benefits:
    - Reduced time-to-market
    - Future-proofed architecture

  • "Collaborating with SAP was a productive, enjoyable and creative experience which bought together a wide range of people, skills and experience from both organizations capable of achieving a leading edge solution in a very tight timeframe.” - Lewis Marston, Managing Director, Rocket Consulting

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