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  • Dr. Don Norman
    Director, Design Lab at the University of California, San Diego

    Don Norman is a leader in the application of human-centered design. Business Week has listed him as one of the world’s 27 most influential designers. He is t...


  • Tamara Carleton
    Ph.D., CEO and founder of Innovation Leadership Board

    Tamara Carleton will invite faculty to become a part of the SUGAR Network in which academic institutions collaborate with companies to solve challenging, real-world problems. With intellectual roots at Stanford University, SUGAR teams focus on the teaching and practice of design innovation 

  • Geoff Scott
    CEO, Americas' SAP Users' Group

    Geoff Scott will share industry perspectives from ASUG on the strategic importance of faculty preparing students as next generation business leaders, designers, data scientists, developers, and entrepreneurs for the digital enterprise. 

  • Donna Covington
    Dean, College of Business, Delaware State University

    Donna Covington will share how “Project Propel Empowered by SAP” enables historically black colleges and universities to empower their students with knowledge of the latest SAP technologies, better preparing them with critical skills in demand in the SAP ecosystem.

  • Tanya DanceKelly
    Principal, Deloitte Consulting

    Tanya DanceKelly will share perspectives on how Deloitte builds diverse, innovative consulting teams, and is now focusing on the recruiting of “SAP Ready” early talent from SAP University Alliances member universities.

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