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Arrival by plane at San Diego International Airport (SAN)


Many companies provide taxicab service at San Diego International Airport. If you need a taxi, simply follow the signs leading to the Transportation Plazas. A Transportation Coordinator will place you with the first available taxi, unless you specify a particular taxicab company. The guide link lists taxicab companiesfrequently used by travelers. Call directly or use the Web links to find the taxicab service that best suits your needs. Please refer to a San Diego phone book yellow pages for a complete list of taxicab services. - See more at:

Car Service

Car Rental

Consolidated Rental Car Center - Coming soon

The airport is currently constructing a consolidated rental car center on the north side of the airfield. The $316 million project will open in January 2016 and house many of the rental car companies serving San Diego International Airport in a single building. Once operational, the facility will dramatically reduce rental car traffic on North Harbor Drive and the number of shuttle buses circulating around the airport. For more information about the future Rental Car Center, please view the project’s fact sheet or visit the airport’s North Side Improvements webpage.

Upon arrival at San Diego International Airport

Car rental reservation boards are located near the baggage claim areas of Terminals 1 and 2. Use the courtesy phones provided to request shuttle transport to the car rental company of your choice. Please note that using a reservation board is not always necessary. Car rental shuttles regularly operate at the Terminal 1 center traffic aisle and at the traffic island at the far west end of Terminal 2. If you follow the signage to any of these areas, it is likely that a shuttle will be waiting.

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