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The SAP Forum Events have ended their 2015 journey in Europe, Middle East and Africa. We are already preparing new, exciting event experiences in 2016, see below the 2016 planned stops. Join us at an SAP Forum event near you and learn how SAP solutions and services can help you simplify everything your business does

New events are added frequently.


Event Listing: SAP Forum Europe, Middle East and Africa

Country City Event Name Dates
UK London SAP Innovation Forum London 9 February 2016
Spain Madrid SAP Forum Madrid 16 February 2016
Finland Helsinki SAP Innovation Forum Finland 8 March 2016
Switzerland Basel SAP Forum Basel 8-9 March 2016
Turkey Ankara SAP Forum Ankara 10 March 2016
Malta  Malta  SAP Forum Malta  23 March 2016 
Sweden Stockolm SAP Innovation Forum Sweden 6 April 2016
Denmark Copenhagen SAP Innovation Forum Denmark 7 April 2016
Norway Oslo SAP Innovation Forum Norway 12 April 2016
Saudi Arabia  Riyadh   SAP Forum Riyadh  12 April 2016 
UAE  Dubai   SAP Forum Dubai   13 April 2016 
Cyprus  Nicosia  SAP Forum Cyprus  21 April 2016 
Russia Moscow SAP Forum Moscow 21 April 2016
Austria Linz SAP Forum Austria 26 April 2016
Slovakia Samorin SAP Forum Slovakia 26-27 May 2016
Czech Republic Prague SAP Forum Prague 1 June 2016
Switzerland Lausanne SAP Forum Lausanne 13 June 2016
Czech Republic Prague SAP Innovation Forum Prague 8 September 2016
Hungary Siofok SAP Forum Hungary 11-13 September 2016
West Balkans Belgrade SAP Forum Belgrade 12 October 2016