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SAP TechEd Banners

Start advertising your presence at SAP TechEd on your Web site and in your e-mails! A selection of complimentary Web and signature banners are listed below. Once booth numbers are assigned in mid-September, contact Noelle Fischer to add your company name and booth number added for a customized look. Please note long company names may not fit on smaller sized banners.

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Please do not manipulate these banners in any way. This would include adding your own company logo, photo, etc.

Generic Banners

Save any of the generic banners below to your computer to use free of charge.






Custom Banners

When ordering a banner please list which banner(s) you want by letter(s). Allow 1–3 business days for your banner to be completed. If you need a custom-sized banner please include the size (width by height) to the order e-mail.

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A. 100 px Square

B. 180x150

C. 180x150

D. 275x60

E. 275x80

F. 275x80

G. 180x360

H. 180x360

I. 350x80

J. 700x100

K. 700x100

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