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SAP TechEd 2015 Barcelona DemoJam Winners
Congratulations to DemoJam 2015 Winners Digital Power


Tuesday, November 18:00 p.m.–9:30 p.m. • Hall 6

The ultimate developer competition! For 36 hours before the start of SAP TechEd Barcelona, 18 teams competed at SAP InnoJam to build innovative solutions for the Energy and Utilities (Oil/Gas/Electricity) industries. As the world’s population increases, so does the drain and demand on our ever decreasing natural resources. Through technology, we should strive to improve the efficiency of energy generation, sharing, and usage. Research, analysis, data collection, maintenance, and logistics will continue to reduce the cost and increase the capacity for fulfilling our energy needs. Through technology, we can streamline the processes and improve the experience.

DemoJam Finalists

We are H.A.P.P.Y Energy!
We are H.A.P.P.Y Energy!

SAP HANA Platform Advanced Prediction and Power analYsis

DemoJam Presenters: Lars Laegner and Sergei Haller, Boldly Go Industries


Team: Boldly Go Industries
Artem Boehme
Sergei Haller
Emre Karaca
Markus Keinz
Lars Laegner

Everis UI5

Eco app for helping consumers to save energy and heal the world.

DemoJam Presenters: Edgar Jubillar and Arnau Rovira, Everis


Team Name: EverisUI5
Enric Castella Gonzalez
Edgar Jubillar Vera
Marcel Pallarès García
Arnau Rovira
Dani Telles Lopez


Increase consumer awareness for energy consumption during production. 

DemoJam Presenters: Twan Van Den Broek and Jan Penninkhof, New True BV, Phoqus B.V., The Next View

Team: Spectre
Jan Penninkhof
S. Spronk
Twan van den Broek
Fred Verheul

smart - e
smart - e

The use of batteries in households to save money and be more environment-friendly.

DemoJam Presenters: Ibrahim Soltan and Patrick Hammer, Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar and Detecon

Team: smart - e
Simon Perstorfer
Ibrahim Soltan
Patrick Hammer
Nicolas Goris
Stefan Heitzer

Digital Power

Improving customer service and consumer loyalty of an energy company in a digital age.

DemoJam Presenters: Kevin Flesher and Bolaji Smith, University of Liechtenstein


Team: UniLi
Bolaji Smith
Bruno Saboia de Albuquerque
Kevin Christopher Flesher
Kevin Boesch
Raphael Ender

KMD Solar Power
KMD Solar Power

Using the grid to efficiently maintain solar energy production.

DemoJam Presenters: Ole Høgfeldt Jedrzejczyk and Kris Kegel Soerensen,

Team: KMD

Olaf Rosacker Bertelsen
Ole Høgfeldt Jedrzejczyk
David Kargo
Jakob Bjørn Sørensen
Kris Kegel Sørensen