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Post-conference Education with SAP TechEd Interactive Hands-On Workshops

This year, we’re taking a different approach to your post-conference education – one that provides you with the ability to access more content than ever before, in a more flexible manner, and for a longer period of time!

Simply download and configure the SAP Mobile Documents app on your tablet or laptop. Visit the Corporate section and open the Interactive Hands-On folder. And take advantage of conference presentations complete with audio instruction from SAP TechEd experts – as well as interactive simulations to give you hands-on experience.

You’ll have access to all of the materials – anytime, anywhere – no reservation required, from November 18, 2015 until November 2016!

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SAP TechEd Barcelona Interactive Hands-On Sessions

BA260:   Create Self-Service Query Scenarios with SAP Business Warehouse
BA263:   Business Intelligence Clients and Applications for SAP HANA
BA264:   Explore SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio
BA266:   Leverage a Business Intelligence Platform to Deploy SAP Lumira
BA272:   Automated Predictive Analytics Integration and Scripting
BA275:   Experience Innovation for Real-Time Analytics with SAP S/4HANA
DEV163:   Code Better with ABAP in Eclipse
DEV260:   Building Applications with ABAP Using Code Pushdown to the Database
DMM160:   Hands-On Introduction to Central Governance in SAP Master Data Governance
DMM161:   SAP HANA Multitenant Database Containers
DMM163:   Introduction to Data Modeling in SAP HANA
DMM164:   SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server: Real-Time Data Replication
DMM166:   SAP HANA Database and Landscape Administration with SAP DB Control Center
DMM167:   Hands-On Introduction to Consolidation in SAP Master Data Governance
DMM268:   Streamline the Transfer of Data into SAP BW
DMM361:   Eclipse-Based Modeling in SAP BW Powered by SAP HANA
INT160:   Build and Run a Simple Business Process End to End with SAP BPM
INT261:   Build UIs Based on SAP Fiori to Enable Mobile Access to SAP BPM
INT265:   Explore Enterprise Integration Patterns in SAP HANA Cloud Integration
ITM162:   Test Automation with CBTA and SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization
ITM163:   SAP Solution Manager 7.1, Test Option 1
ITM260:   IT Service Charging: Integrated ERP–SAP Solution Manager Process
ITM263:   Hands-On Experience with SAP Landscape Virtualization Management
ITM264:   Maintain Your Landscape Efficiently with Maintenance Planner
MOB161:   Enable and Optimize Consumption of Multiple Data Sources for Mobile Apps
SEC160:   Hands-On Lab: An Introduction to Using Key Features in SAP Access Control
SEC264:   Secure ABAP Development – One Bug Is Enough to Put Your Application at Risk
SEC360:   Connect Your IoT Devices to SAP HANA Cloud Platform Securely and Scalably
TEC160:   SAP Technology Highlights: Putting Them All Together
UX162:   Effectively Configure and Manage SAP Fiori Launchpad
UX260:   Experience SAP Fiori on SAP HANA Cloud Platform
UX261:   Extend a Fiori App with SAP Web IDE based on beautiful Fiori Reference Apps
UX263:   Improve the SAP User Experience with SAP Screen Personas
UX360:   Simplify and Modernize Web Dynpro for ABAP in the Context of SAP Fiori

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