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Using SAP Mobile Documents

How to Access SAP TechEd Content on your iOS or Android Device

All registered SAP TechEd Barcelona attendees can access conference presentations, exercises, and other materials through the SAP Mobile Documents app, available for iOS and Android.

Access session content
Get access to conference materials on-site or after the event. Use SAP Mobile Documents in conjunction with the Mobile Event App for SAP TechEd for even easier access. Just download SAP Mobile Documents for iOS and for Android and follow the instructions to configure the app to connect to the dedicated SAP TechEd instance. You'll then be able to access content directly through the links to session collaterals within your agenda in the Mobile Event App. Just navigate to the session within your agenda and select the “Get Session Collateral” button. This will open the SAP Mobile Documents App for you to view or save the materials.

Take Notes and Pictures
Once you have configured the SAP Mobile Documents app, you can store your own notes or save pictures in your personal My Documents area.

You can copy session content (PDF files) from the Corporate area and paste it into the My Documents area. To do so, just select a file and click Actions and select Copy.

Navigate to the My Documents area, click Add and select Paste. Once you have saved the relevant content to the My Documents area, you can make your personal annotations to it.

To take or import pictures, click Add in the My Documents area. Click Take Photo or Import Photo.

Download Your Personal Content After the Show
To download your content from the My Documents area, log on to using a web browser on your PC. If you attended Las Vegas access through this web page.

Click on Download Folder.
The complete content will be downloaded as a .zip file.

How to Access Interactive Hands-On Assets Using the SAP Mobile Documents App
Starting on November 16, you will be able to access the new Interactive Hands-On Workshop assets using the SAP Mobile Documents App.

Once configured, open the SAP Mobile Documents App.

1. Visit the Corporate section.
2. Open the Interactive Hands-On folder.

Instruction for SAP Mobile Documents download and configuration:

• For iOS
• For Android

Note for working with laptops instead of tablets: 
With a laptop, you can use the following URL to access SAP Mobile Documents directly from your browser without any installation: You then log in with your SAP TechEd registration e-mail address and password and can directly use the mp4 recording and the pdf files. To take advantage of the interactive learning content, just follow the instructions provided in the readme file of each workshop folder.

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