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Björn Goerke Keynote SAP TechEd 2015 Barcelona
SAP Executive Keynote Replays from Las Vegas
SAP Executive Keynote by Steve Lucas from Barcelona

Join Us at SAP TechEd

Get ready for simple IT, agile business, and fresh possibilities!

Get Refreshed: Best practices, roadmaps, code samples, and more from SAP technology leaders

Get Connected: Hands-on, collaborative training and networking with SAP experts and developers

Get Skills: Hands-on training on live systems for implementing new and important functionality

Get more out of your deployed SAP technology: Technical know-how you want and need for your current technology investment, or for new SAP software you want to adopt

Get innovative for your company and your customers: Techniques, strategies, and tools for reducing IT and business complexity inside the organization and across your business network


2016 cities&&dates

Join us next year:

Las Vegas, September 19–23
Bangalore, October 5–7
Barcelona, November 8–10

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SAP TechEd Las Vegas Photo Gallery

SAP TechEd
Photo Gallery

Browse through the SAP TechEd photo gallery.

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Watch Replays of the Strategy and Tech Talks

Gain an understanding of the strategy and future direction of SAP products and services, and get up to speed on industry trends and technology innovations.

Strategy Talks from Las Vegas
Strategy Talks from Barcelona
Tech Talks from Las Vegas
Tech Talks from Barcelona

Lecture of the Week

Lecture of the Week

Digitize the Enterprise with SAP S/4HANA Suite with Wieland Schreiner

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