HOW to Activate and Execute
People Analytics Stories for Learning
In order to benefit from People Analytics Stories for Learning, you first must have enabled Stories in People Analytics.
Enabling Stories in People Analytics
To enable Stories in People Analytics there are a few important steps that first need to take place.
    -  If not previously configured, enable the SAP Identity Authentication Service (IAS) and Identity Provider Service (IPS) solutions and sync users from the SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite to SAP Identity Authentication Service
    -  Run the SAP SuccessFactors Upgrade Center task to add People Analytics Story to the instance
    -  For your initial users, modify/create Role Based Permissions to include access to the Story report type and the Learning data schemas
For guidance in completing these tasks, see the Stories in People Analytics administrators guide on and the assets below.
NOTE â€“ To access the Community resources you need to be a member of the SAP SuccessFactors Community.
HOW will you prepare for People Analytics Stories for Learning
As the Learning Schema access is now available to anyone who has People Analytics Stories enabled, this provides time to plan for the rollout of Stories to your organization.


We recommend that you assess your measurement and data readiness in advance of the new capabilities being available to your organization.
Level of Learning Data Readiness
How prepared are you for when the Learning Schema is available to you in Stories?  Here are a few points for consideration.
    -  What are the key Learning measurement areas that matter to you and the business?
            Adoption - What is the uptake of learning in the organization?
            Efficiency - Did we maximize our resources (people and budget) to produce the best result?
            Effectiveness -  Are we meeting the needs and impact business results through our L&D programs?
            Alignment - How well are we doing to align with the current and changing needs of the business?
            Attainment - Are we achieving the outcomes we set out within stakeholder parameters?
    -  Do you understand the metrics for each measurement area and how to assess them?
    -  What is the awareness of what data you have and will have in the Learning Schema?
    -  What have you already got in place - Dashboards, scorecards or custom reports? Or all of them?
    -  How were they built?
See Sample Learning Story Dashboard
Use the assets below, curated by SuccessFactors Solution Adoption Advisory, to help you with your preparation.
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