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Forging Ahead with Industry 4.Now

Next Horizon of Productivity, Performance and Innovation


In an era of increasing business volatility and demand shifts, the call for supply chain agility, resilience and innovation are no longer an option − it’s an urgent imperative – to stay ahead of the curve.


As businesses adjust to the next normal, executives are grappling with the near-term question: what will be the next horizon for manufacturing and its supply chains?


Unquestionably, the future of industries will be much more digital. Industry leaders are leveraging Industry 4.0 solutions to increase end-to-end supply-chain transparency, and fast-tracking automation programs to stem worker shortages, deliver production efficiency to product customization, with improvements in speed to market, service effectiveness, and new-business model creation. The time for Industry 4.0 is now.


Join us on October 14-16 and discover the future of productivity through the SAP Industry 4.Now initiative. Find out how SAP can help you take Industry 4.0 to the next level:

  • Focus on customers - Put your customers’ input, preferences, and expectations for products and services at the center of all you             do.
  • Reinvent production - Use intelligent assets and processes that dynamically adapt to changing priorities and deliver                                    customization at scale.
  • Connect the entire company - Orchestrate sales, service, and logistics processes along with production operations to transform             how your employees work

Make Industry 4.0 real now. Begin the Journey to Industry 4.Now.

Agenda overview


Day 1, October 14 – Plenary


Executive Opening & Keynote: Forging Ahead with Industry 4.Now
Unquestionably, the future of industries will be much more digital. The race for digital supremacy is on. As companies pursue the next horizon of productivity gains and innovation breakthroughs, industry 4.0 is a competitive differentiator. Join our executives to explore the lynchpin of Industry 4.0

  • State of Industry 4.0 and why the time is NOW
  • Insights into digitalization strategies and competitive positioning across industries
  • Successful approaches on how companies have already made Industry 4.0 an integral part of their digital transformation strategy
  • Bringing Industry 4.0 to life for companies in Asia Pacific


Panel Discussion: Industry 4.Now: Moving Beyond The Factory​
SAP Industry 4.Now goes well beyond smart manufacturing in factories and plants — connecting production with end-to-end process execution across the entire supply chain — to reach new levels of connectivity and adaptivity to changes on the fly. Gain insights from leading Business and Supply Chain leaders as they share perspectives and experiences, decoding the value of Industry 4.0 from three key business priorities​:

  • Focus on customers​
  • Reinvent production​
  • Connect the entire company​


Experience Industry 4.Now: Design-to-Operate and Design-to-Consume Demonstration




Day 2, October 15 - Masterclass


Day 2: Masterclass - Product Lifecycle Management

1:00pm – 1:45pm SGT


Product development and design impacts how the final product will be delivered. From a product’s weight, to whether it includes fragile mechanisms, to whether production should be located nearer the end customer due to cost reasons, design and logistics need to coordinate and share information to make the right decisions.


Join this Masterclass to explore the key factors for consideration in design and engineering based on Industry 4.0 principles. And how the Design-to-Operate approach can alleviate challenges and transform the status quo.



Day 2: Masterclass - Supply Chain Planning

1:45pm – 2:30pm SGT


The planning team intersects with other departments to make plans that ensure the smooth flow of materials throughout the product lifecycle.  This includes decisions on orders that feed the manufacturing process. Resources that impact logistics such as warehouse space and labor. Or with the service and sales departments – in the case of reverse logistics – when the customer initiates a return.


What are the key considerations based on Industry 4.0 principles? How can the Design-to-Operate approach simplify the business planning process, and make it more intelligent?



Day 2: Masterclass - Manufacturing

2:30 – 3:15pm SGT


In today’s digital and experience economy, getting the product to customers as soon as possible helps businesses gain an edge. That means tighter coupling between manufacturing and logistics.


Learn more about how to embed intelligence in manufacturing processes that facilitate Industry 4.0 principles. Discover how the Design-to-Operate approach can enable a single-source of real-time information to eliminate delays and bottlenecks. And propel the company into an Intelligent Enterprise.




Day 3, October 16 - Masterclass


Day 3: Masterclass - Supply Chain Logistics

1:00pm – 1:45pm SGT


Where is my stuff? And how is it doing? This Masterclass aims to shed light on these fundamental questions based on Industry 4.0 principles. In logistics, other than knowing where our goods are at any single point in time, we also need to know how it is doing? Whether it is being loaded correctly? Handled according to specifications? Or traveling at the right temperature? To answering these questions, businesses need real-time monitoring and end-to-end process awareness.


How can Industry 4.0 principles and the Design-to-Operate approach address logistics challenges today? Join us in this pragmatic discussion to find out more.



Day 3: Masterclass - Enterprise Asset Management

1:45pm – 2:30pm SGT


How can businesses increase return on assets in an Industry 4.0 context? How can connected assets increase safety for people, improve asset reliability, and help the company drive overall smarter decisions?  


Join us in this Masterclass to learn how to leverage innovative technologies to enable new asset management business processes to optimize the business. Understand how you can get your assets to provide end-to-end visibility on strategic, tactical, and operational levels. Discover how your assets can enhance collaboration across departments throughout the asset lifecycle.



Day 3: Masterclass - Business Networks

2:30 – 3:15pm SGT


At any point in time, the need for a resilient supply chain is crucial. Companies are challenged with uncertain supply, demand volatility, and constrained capacity. Business networks deliver enhanced visibility, greater efficiency, and improved collaboration to help supply chains thrive in challenging environments.


Discover the power of business networks and the interoperability of SAP Asset Intelligent Network, SAP Logistics Business Network and the Ariba Network. 


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