Leading the Change:
Reinvent HR Experience
As the premier platform for HR professionals to connect with industry experts, SAP HR Connect stays committed to bring you the latest in HR technologies and trends. And in 2021, we continue to bring this wealth of knowledge and expertise to Southeast Asia.
Growing a business in the midst of a pandemic means a unique set of challenges for different organisations. Yet many have successfully weathered this storm, with the most successful ones sharing common traits - valuing collaboration, cross-business insights, data-driven decision making, and business agility. Equipped with these traits, they have successfully transformed into interconnected businesses, offering outstanding customer and employee experiences, while navigating rapid market fluctuations, and building resiliency to future-proof their organisations.
Join us at HR Connect, where we exemplify ways to build an interconnected business by reinventing HR through empowering your employees with the latest innovative technologies, and leading the change to provide the best employee experience in the new normal.
The event agenda kickstarts with a power-packed general session starting with a keynote from Rudy Abrahams, VP and Head, SAP SuccessFactors Southeast Asia on the top trends that impact employee experience, followed by a panel discussion and demonstration session where further business insights will be shared.
Additionally, two breakout tracks have been specially curated to help your organisation plan your future needs. Learn how to reinvigorate your workforce to be future ready, or find out ways to optimise your employee experience. 
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9:30 a.m.

Keynote Address - Leading the Change: Reinvent HR Experience - Trends Impacting Employee Experience


The pandemic has altered the fabric of the modern workforce forever. In this

keynote address, Rudy discusses the eight key meta-trends that define what

Human Resources must prioritise to keep their companies ahead of the game.


Rudy Abrahams, Vice President, Head of SAP SuccessFactors Southeast Asia


9:45 a.m.

Panel Discussion - What does HR need to Shape the Future of Work?


As hybrid workforces and remote working become staples of circumstance,

HR has to implement broad-minded stratagems that help balance business

requirements, employee well-being and capability upkeep. We invite

several guest speakers to air their thoughts on the matter.



Melissa Kee, Chief Human Resources Officer, Kuok Singapore Limited Group (KSL Group)

Dr. Agapol Na Songkhla, Chief People Officer, Thai Beverage PLC


Moderated by Rajat Kapoor, Regional Director, Customer Advisory, SAP Asia


10:25 a.m.

Demo Session - Shaping the Future of Work: What is the Tech?


A slew of technological offerings and services have sprung up to support the new

modes of work and collaboration. This session explores the most exciting and useful

developments that can vastly impact the efficiency of the workforce.


Arevind Chelvan, HXM Solutions Advisor, SAP SuccessFactors

Ellaine Gemma Lee T. Naz, HXM Solutions Advisor, SAP SuccessFactors

Minh Ta, HXM Solutions Advisor, SAP SuccessFactors

Umaporn Pim-On (Aum), HXM Solutions Advisor, SAP SuccessFactors


10:50 a.m. Introduction to Track Sessions

Breakout 1:

Reinvigorate Your Workforce

Breakout 2:

Optimise Your Employee Experience

11:00 a.m.

Overview - Reinvigorate your Workforce to be Future Ready


No longer are traditional measures like skilling-up and assessment the be-all-end-all of progression. Instead, matching people to their roles while nurturing and surfacing talent will be what drives transformational value for new-age success stories.


Join this session with Southeast Asian HR Leaders and
world-class HR Consulting as they reveal how forward-thinking
talent management can significantly boost productivity
and innovation.



  • Thelma Meneses, Global LR/ER Head & Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Bottling Investment Group, The Coca-Cola Company
  • Mochamad Hira Kurnia, Chief Human Capital Officer, XL Axiata Tbk
  • Julie Minamiura, Regional Director, SAP SuccessFactors Southeast Asia
  • Lim Chee Gay, Group Chief Human Resources Officer, Telecommerce Teledirect
  • Haris Mustarto, Director & Chief Administration Officer, ABM Investama Tbk PT
  • Jasmin Peters, Director, Experience Consulting Lead, PwC Malaysia
  • Parul Munshi, Partner, Workforce Transformation, South East Asia Consulting, PwC Singapore
  • Joanna Bell, Partner Enablement Director, SAP Litmos

Overview - Optimise Experiences across Employee Life Cycle


Human capital management (HCM) is a buzzword of the past. It’s time to move to focus on human experience management (HXM) - and begin building agile, motivated teams that can deal with the demands of the decade.


Attend this session to hear Southeast Asian HR Leaders and world-class HR Consulting elaborate on how imperative this paradigm shift is to a new generation of astute business leaders and savvy employees.



  • Puven Nalatambi, Senior Manager, HR, Taylor's Education Group
  • Pankaj Rusia, Regional Vice President, SAP SuccessFactors Southeast Asia
  • Khalif Salleh, GM HR Strategy, Planning and ODJM (Organisation Design & Job Management), PRefChem
  • Nur Anina Muhammad, SAP Successfactors PMO and HR IT Administrator, PRefChem HR
  • Azhar Hussin, Executive Director, Deloitte Consulting SEA
  • Lauren Huntington, EX Solution Strategist, Qualtrics
  • Janine Wendling, Sr. Strategic Ecosystems Manager, Open Text Corporation
11:55 a.m. Closing Remarks Closing Remarks
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Platinum Sponsors
Rudy Abrahams
Vice President & Head
SAP SuccessFactors Southeast Asia
Melissa Kee
Chief Human Resources Officer
Kuok Singapore Limited Group (KSL Group)
Dr. Agapol Na Songkhla
Chief People Officer
Thai Beverage PLC
Puven Nalatambi
Senior Manager, HR
Taylor’s Education Group
Thelma Meneses
Global LR/ER Head &
Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer
Bottling Investment Group,
The Coca-Cola Company
Mochamad Hira Kurnia
Chief Human Capital Officer
XL Axiata Tbk
Khalif Salleh
GM HR Strategy, Planning & ODJM (Organisation Design & Job Management)
Nur Anina Muhammad
SAP Successfactors PMO & HR IT Administrator
PRefChem HR
Lim Chee Gay
Group Chief Human Resources Officer
Telecommerce Teledirect
Haris Mustarto
Director & Chief Administration Officer
ABM Investama Tbk PT
Rajat Kapoor
Regional Director, Customer Advisory
SAP Asia
Julie Minamiura
Regional Director
SAP SuccessFactors Southeast Asia
Pankaj Rusia
Regional Vice President
SAP SuccessFactors Southeast Asia
Arevind Chelvan
HXM Solutions Advisor
SAP SuccessFactors
Ellaine Gemma Lee T. Naz
HXM Solutions Advisor
SAP SuccessFactors
Minh Ta
HXM Solutions Advisor
SAP SuccessFactors
Umaporn Pim-On (Aum)
HXM Solutions Advisor
SAP SuccessFactors
Jasmin Peters
Director, Experience Consulting Lead
PwC Malaysia
Parul Munshi
Partner, Workforce Transformation, South East Asia Consulting
PwC Singapore
Azhar Hussin
Executive Director
Deloitte Consulting SEA
Lauren Huntington
EX Solution Strategist
Janine Wendling
Sr Strategic Ecosystems Manager
Open Text Corporation
Joanna Bell
Partner Enablement Director
SAP Litmos
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