General Session

As you make your plans for your SAP Ariba Live experience, make sure they include each day's general session. You’ll hear from dynamic and inspiring industry speakers, fellow solution users, and SAP Ariba partners and leaders. Below you'll find an overview of each day's session, and you can see speaker bios here.


Monday, April 23


Welcome and The Journey Has Just Begun | Barry Padgett, President, SAP Ariba

In his opening keynote, Barry Padgett will share his experience and thoughts about the world of procurement. As a 20-year veteran of the industry, Barry brings a wealth of background and knowledge to SAP Ariba. He will talk about his own journey and the journey we are all on to the next generation of procurement.


The Tipping Point | Ashley Bates, Shell

We are living in an era of rapid change – from a technological standpoint to consumer preferences to the sheer pace of everyday life. All these changes impact the way we work, act, and think. Opportunities are endless. We have the opportunity to redefine our roles and how we do business. When we remove the shackles of our current reality we can imagine a world in which we want to live, and then create a plan to build that ideal environment. In this session, we will talk about today’s tipping point where technology and bigger, bolder dreams are leading to new ways of thinking and doing. Technology is helping customers transform their communities to be better and more ethical, doing good in ways that weren’t possible five years ago.


Dream Bigger | Jim Ridgwick, Save the Children and Michele Deery, SAP Ariba

Imagine the way the world could be if we dreamed a little bigger. Today’s technological advances allow us to dream bigger, bolder, and without boundaries. When we operate with the mindset that we are just temporary tenants on the planet, we recognize that it is our responsibility to create a lasting impact on the world around us. True transformation is possible when we leverage available resources to create a better world with more opportunities for everyone. This session will feature Save the Children International. Their mission is to save children’s lives and help them achieve their potential. SCI will share how they are leveraging the power of procurement and supply chain to create a lasting impact for children around the world.



Tuesday, April 24


Partners On The Journey | Sudhir Bhojwani and Solution Consultants, SAP Ariba

Every business transformation journey starts with a vision. To make that vision a reality, you need technology partners who share your dream and deliver solutions that ensure your success. Join SAP Ariba chief product officer Sudhir Bhojwani and our team of solution consultants for demonstrations of how we’re innovating to help you achieve your biggest goals in 2018 and beyond. You’ll see an improved user experience that lets every employee work with simplicity and speed; enhanced data access that facilitates sharing of key intelligence and faster responsiveness; and expanded capabilities that support end-to-end agility and control.


Ecosystem Spotlight | apsolut, Celonis, Semantic Visions, and SAP Ariba

Strategic partners play a critical role within the SAP Ariba ecosystem. They support customers through their digital transformation journey in several ways; for example, by extending the relevance of our solutions, contributing to insights based on Ariba Network data, and supporting customers in changing and expanding their mindset about procurement and supply chain technologies. You’ll hear how partners are innovating in the field of procurement and with SAP Ariba to help customers unlock the power of Ariba Network. You’ll also hear their perspective on what it means to be part of the network and the value it delivers.



Wednesday, April 25


Leading Change | Albert van Mastrigt, Royal Philips

Leading through change isn’t easy. It takes determination, focus, and passion. We are all part of a powerful community of leaders; each of us has a personal purpose and goal to make an impact. When leaders think beyond their current role or beyond the current reality of their business environment, true transformation and collaboration is possible. In this session, we will highlight a leadership story, told by an individual who best represents what is achievable when you dream big and act boldly.


Leading Through Change with Neuroscience | Amy Brann; Author, Speaker, Coach

Self-styled British Excellence Detective Amy Brann is the founder of Synaptic Potential, an organization that works with companies to strengthen their strategy, culture, and performance. Synaptic Potential works with companies around the globe to share reliably simple applications of neuroscience that lead to game-changing insights and results. Through interactive exercises, Amy will demonstrate that you have access to a huge amount of potential if you better understand how to work optimally with your brain. She will share three insights – about the very wiring of your brain to the environmental considerations you can control – that can transform your leadership style to be bolder and more heroic.

Just Announced: Special Guest Amy Brann

General session keynote speaker, Wednesday, April 25


Learn how to work optimally with your brain for game-changing insights and results.