Save by registering before the conference
Save by registering before the conference

Join us at the RAI Amsterdam, April 23–25, 2018


Act now to take advantage of the best pricing for the procurement event of the year.

Rate                                              Valid

Standard: € 799 + VAT*                 March 12 – April 22

On site: € 949 + VAT*                     April 23 – April 25



Special offer: Get one free when you buy four


You can pay an average of only about €640 per person when you register a group of five. Here’s how:


  1. Choose four favorite colleagues with whom you want to attend SAP Ariba Live.
  2. One registrant – let’s say that’s you – takes the lead to be the person who pays for four registrations using one form of payment.
  3. During the registration process, when you get to the registration type page, you’ll click on Buy 4 Get 1.
  4. Once you’re done registering yourself and paying for four registrations, you’ll get a confirmation e-mail from us.
  5. In the confirmation e-mail will be a Buy 4 Get 1 link you will use to provide us the names and e-mail addresses of your four colleagues. Please note: All e-mail addresses must be from the same company domain.
  6. Once you do so, your colleagues will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to register themselves.


Here's the group rate and deadline. This deal is only available when you register before the conference.


Standard rate, four registrations: € 799 x 4 = €3,196 + VAT*


Average cost for five attendees: €3,196/5 = € 639.20 + VAT*


Offer valid until: April 22



Justify your trip

Need to get the boss's approval to attend SAP Ariba Live?

We've written a memo you can use. Download one of these: