Why attend SAP Ariba Live in Barcelona
Why should you join us in Barcelona?

SAP Ariba Live is the largest procurement and supply chain event globally, bringing together a diverse community of buyers, suppliers, and partners to experience the value of Ariba Network and discuss technology, innovation, and market trends.

What’s more, Barcelona, the capital city of the Catalunya region of Spain, has a personality all its own. With a rich dining, art, and cultural scene, it is one of Europe’s most vibrant cities and a natural choice for SAP Ariba Live. From famous art museums featuring priceless works by Picasso and Miro, to architectural gems by Antoni Gaudí, such as the Sagrada Familia, to local cuisine featuring stimulating Mediterranean flavors and seafood fresh off the beach, Barcelona has something for everyone.

You can immerse yourself in an environment of discovery

SAP Ariba Live is where you can explore innovative solutions and analytics that can deliver powerful insights – insights into ways you can capitalize on the myriad opportunities presented by your job every day. Come see the potential of digital networks, emerging markets, and new technologies, and learn better ways to conquer market risks, changing business models, new competitors, and mountains of data.

You can return to work with the innovative tools, skills, and relationships you need to lead with impact, leverage the marketplace, and thrive in partnership as you transform your organization for even greater success.

SAP Ariba Live can be your event of the year
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Top Enterprise Experts and Influencers

Appearing in general and breakout sessions, as well as the Executive Forum, are top experts and influencers in procurement, digital transformation, and enterprise technology. You can also catch them doing interviews in the SAP Ariba Marketplace studio.

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