The Human Revolution

Placing People at the Heart of Business Success


A human revolution is happening in the workplace today. It is a revolution that makes the powerful voice of your employees heard. It is a revolution that requires you to make sure that your entire workforce is motivated, skilled, and equipped to bring their best to make the biggest impact. And it is a revolution that promotes new thinking around human capital management.


Join us at another insightful HR Connect to hear from industry leaders and fellow customers who share their transformation stories, best practices and inspiring people strategies that unlock human potential. Be part of the Human Revolution.

Why you should attend?


80% of the sessions are delivered by SAP SuccessFactors customers sharing their lived experiences and transformation benefits.


Learn from your peers and some of the most progressive people and industry leaders. You’re sure to walk away feeling inspired and motivated to drive a human revolution in your business.



What did last year’s delegates say...

“This event has been the most valuable out of all the events I have been attending as it specifically relates to HR Practitioners.”

“Great event and refreshingly open with sharing learnings and insights.”

“Great event, particularly enjoyed the speakers discussing their journeys, opportunities and challenges.”
Innovate | Collaborate | Accelerate


To thrive in this new world, we need to tap into our collective humanity. We need to learn how to connect with each other, work with technology and machines and capitalise on our people’s unique skills to drive business outcomes.


HR leads the charge in setting and achieving these organisational priorities. Success depends on your ability to maximise your people’s unique skills, and to focus their time, talent, and energy on the business strategies and growth plans.



Consider These Facts

Leading companies are engaged in a war for talent. An estimated global talent deficit of 85 million workers expected in 10 years.

Think about the positive impact that improving the well-being of every employee could have on your company.

This is the cost to attract, recruit, hire, onboard, and train a new hire to replace the employee who was lost, often to your biggest competitor.
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