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AUGUST 17-18

Wildlife Retreat at Taronga Zoo


Welcome to Effect 2022, an invite-only Executive Retreat held at Taronga Zoo’s elegant Australian eco-retreat, overlooking the magnificent Sydney Harbour. ​Bringing together the most influential minds in business, across two days Effect will provide an intimate environment to showcase the latest technologies and what they mean to your business post-pandemic. Hear from world-renowned speakers. Network and learn from each other.​

Wildlife Retreat at Taronga

A place that embodies Taronga Zoo’s commitment to securing a shared future for wildlife and people.


Welcome to the Wildlife Retreat at Taronga on Cammeraigal Country. An elegant Australian eco-retreat nestled within Taronga Zoo, overlooking magnificent Sydney Harbour. Thoughtfully curated designer rooms allow you to overlook bushland, come eye-to-eye with animals or gaze across stunning Sydney Harbour.
Breakfast & Dinner
with a Stunning View of Sydney Harbour
Taste culinary delights that are rich with fresh and native ingredients at the award-winning Me-Gal restaurant, serving locally-sourced produce on a delectable seasonally-modified menu that will satisfy the senses.

We have a need to revisit our purpose in a post pandemic recovery world. At Effect we’ll explore the why and how you can implement effective change across your people, productivity and planet.

  • The many ways in which new workplace technologies can provide whole of employee support where digital tools and collaboration are key:​

  • Understand the employee's situation and the environment around the employee to provide digital strategies to keep them safe.​

  • Use intelligent technologies to train employees properly in on-boarding to ensure their safety in the hybrid workplace.​

  • Use Augmented Reality to assist employees in the field to safely conduct their tasks.​

  • Capture information on safety directly from employees and automate ticketing and other ways of addressing their needs.



An organisation's productivity is determined by the ways in which their assets and their people interact. Productivity gains are to be found in:​

  • Acquisition: People in your sourcing teams can automate the time-consuming processes of asset acquisition, using AI and machine learning and  digital contracts. Even red lining can be automated, negotiations can be assisted, and documents can be dynamically assembled. Sourcing teams then can focus on getting value from suppliers and contracts.​

  • Operation: Most organisations would love a fully integrated process from sales order receipt, transportation, and delivery planning, through to warehouse picking. It is possible with a Digital Thread that ties together all the parts of the business, its people and its assets that make this happen.​

  • Maintenance: People need their assets to be in good working order, for their safety and for productivity. The future of maintenance is to be proactive before an issue arises that creates asset downtime that ruins productivity. We can now develop maintenance strategies for one-time, run to fail, condition based, and use machine learning and AI to predict when an asset needs to be maintained.


  • Any organisation as an exemplar and enabler for sustainability needs to be thinking about:​

  • Using advanced data and analytics techniques to assist your employees to make sustainable choices in their business travel.​

  • Ensuring sustainable supply chains. Get complete visibility into the practices of your suppliers and understand in detail how their practices contribute to your ESG goals. Make better and more informed decisions about who you partner with by understanding who they are, who they employ, and what they stand for.​

  • Building a robust workplace gender equality strategy. Leverage the power of HR to understand your social goals and make sure there is intelligence in your hiring, development, promotion, and retention efforts to deliver on your strategy.​

  • Organisational agility through tapping into employees' 'whole selves'. Fill your employees' cup with a purpose-driven culture. Intelligently align your employees' personal and developmental goals with your CSR goals and activities through digital employee experience techniques. ​

  • Reimagining customer experience with sustainability built into the buying decisions right from product design to manufacture packaging to delivery.

Nic Gill
Joining us in person from New Zealand

Professional Strength and Conditioning Coach

New Zealand All Blacks

Nic Gill is a professional strength and conditioning coach and consultant with huge expertise in rugby and other sports. He is a staff wellness and fitness consultant for a number of international corporate organisations and also to a limited number of individuals who take their own health and fitness seriously. He is best known for his work in rugby with 21 years working in the sport. For the last fifteen years Nic has been the strength and conditioning coach for the New Zealand All Blacks, a period of international success for the team which has included more than 160 rugby test wins and the World Cup title in 2011 and 2015. He continues to study and research many areas of sports science at the University of Waikato as an Associate Professor, constantly refining and evolving his philosophy for being fit and healthy and having the 'winning edge' in life and in competition.


He currently lives in Tauranga and is married with two children. Nic, otherwise known as Gilly grows Avocados and Kiwifruit and tries to challenge himself every year with something that "gets him outta bed" to stay fit and healthy.

Johann Hari
Joining us in person from London

Award Winning Journalist, Writer, Storyteller

Our inability to focus is keeping us from living great lives and succeeding at work. We are all pulled by too many forces—phones, social media, the internet. So what do we do? Johann has real solutions. What we’ll get in return is the workplace of the future. We’ll be able to connect with other members of our team, come up with great new ideas for projects, and see our long-term goals through to the end.

Johann’s approach is warm, passionate, and truly committed to change. He lays out what he discovered during the epic process of writing Stolen Focus, including grappling with his own inability to focus and what it cost him. He combines stories from his own life with what he learned from different people from around the world, including a favela in Rio where attention spans completely vanished to a New Zealand office that solved their focus crisis in a surprising way. The Washington Post calls Johann’s work a “call to arms” to all of us who are worried about what will happen if we spend all of our time on our phones and stop being able to connect to the real world around us.. 
Learn more about Johann.

Damien Bueno
President and Managing Director

SAP Australia and New Zealand

As President and Managing Director for SAP Australia and New Zealand (ANZ), Damien Bueno is responsible for all customer operations across the market. He ensures the company delivers on its purpose of making the world run better and improving people’s lives for our customers, our partners and our community in Australia and New Zealand. Damien joined SAP in 2007 and has worked with some of Australia and New Zealand’s largest organisations, across multiple industries, driving strategic and meaningful outcomes at SAP and in regional leadership roles. 


Damien is a WGEA Pay Equity Ambassador and is a member of the Climate Leaders Coalition, an initiative of the B-Team Australasia.​

1:30pm Check-in and Registration
Arrive at the stunning Wildlife Retreat at Taronga where you’ll be greeted by their friendly staff for check-in and arrival.
2:00pm Welcome by SAP & Taronga Zoo: Damien Bueno, Managing Director at SAP & Cameron Kerr, CEO at Taronga Zoo
Over light refreshments in the Wildlife Retreat’s N’gurra Lounge, Damien and Cameron will welcome you to Effect 2022.
2:45pm Opening Keynote: Nic Gill, High Performance Manager, New Zealand All Blacks
Flying in from New Zealand, best known for his work in rugby, for the last eleven years Nic has been the strength and conditioning coach for the New Zealand All Blacks, a period of international success for the team which includes the World Cup title in 2011 and 2015.
3:30pm Networking Breaks​
3:50pm Our New Reality Technology Showcase: Facilitated by SAP and its Innovation Partners (Rotating Breakouts)
You’ll be guided through three showcases co-developed by SAP and its partners where we’ll explore how you can implement effective organisational change across people, productivity and planet.
5:20pm Free Time
6:40pm Networking Drinks & Dinner
Sponsored by Google Cloud
8:30pm Overnight Stay at the Wildlife Retreat
7:00am Bootcamp with Nic Gill (optional)
Want to know what it’s like to train like an All Black? You’ll have access to once-in-a-lifetime 45 minute fitness experience with Nic Gill.
8:00am Breakfast at Me-Gal Restaurant
Buffet style breakfast so you can arrive at your leisure, even if you choose to do the bootcamp.
9:00am Our New Reality Roundtable (Rotating Breakouts)
Following on from the technology showcase on day 1, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss with other attendees how to bring to life innovation across your organisation in relation to people, productivity and planet.
10:30am Taronga Zoo VIP Experience
11:30am Keynote: Johann Hari, Award Winning Journalist, Writer, Storyteller
Flying in from London, Johann is an author of three New York Times best-selling books. At Effect you’ll hear him speak on what’s keeping us from living great lives and succeeding at work.
12:15pm Keynote: Damien Bueno, Managing Director at SAP Australia and New Zealand
Damien will talk about what SAP is doing in relation to people, productivity and planet and SAP’s vision for our customers.
12:45pm Lunch at Me-Gal Restaurant Sponsored by Accenture
1:30pm Panel Discussion: What is needed in the new reality?
Sponsored by Google Cloud
2:00pm Closing Keynote: Damien Bueno, Managing Director, SAP ANZ
2:05pm Closing
  Agenda is subject to change without notification.
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