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At Effect 2020, we presented to you a new online and innovative experience. If you enjoyed the experience that e’ffect brought to you this year, you’ll love these additional resources. Explore free SAP resources as well as highlights and fan-favourites from this year’s innovation experience!


The Future of Work


Rapidly transform to find new ways to engage and inspire your people.

What is the Future of Work? Join our hands-on virtual workshop to discuss key takeaways from our ‘Future of Work’ episode.

Learn about why organizations need to embrace a more modern and strategic approach to recruiting.

According to Martin Wezowski, “You don’t predict the future. You work for a desirable one.” Learn the importance of technology and innovation a thriving workplace.

You’ve heard from NAB about the importance of fungibility. Now, learn why organisations need to rethink their learning and development strategies.

These are challenging times for leaders. Learn how the ABCD Framework can help you lead effectively in this new normal.

Take care of your employees, sustain momentum and build a great future with HXM.



As a collective responsibility, how we can shape a more sustainable future?

For those willing to change, it’s tough to know where to start. Learn about Emily Penn’s tool for change, SHiFT, powered by SAP.

Promoting dialogue between the SAP ecosystem and a sustainable future, find out what we can achieve together.

Tune into SAP ANZ's podcast to hear from Emily Penn as she discusses the importance of sustainability and a circular eonomy. 

Papermaker Steinbeis tapped SAP HANA to stay ahead of fierce competition while embracing the digital circular economy.

Your host Rove McManus talks to ocean activists Emily Penn and Laura Wells, WWF’s Dermot O’Gorman, and more.



Applying innovation to support real-world challenges.

Discover how the Women’s Tennis Association use innovative technology to enhance tennis for players, coaches, and fans.

Learn how to unlock the Intelligent Enterprise with AI, IoT, and blockchain solutions with an intelligent tech demo.

Take this short survey to pinpoint your business' strengths, weaknesses, and actionable next steps in becoming an Intelligent Enterprise. 

SAP has designed a series of workshops, hands-on sessions and webinars to deliver insights and learnings on all things innovation.

Your host Rove McManus talks to WTA #1 Ash Barty, Uber Eats’ Matt Denman, and chef Nelly Robinson

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