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Effect is the innovation experience that focuses on the intersection of creativity, culture, collaboration and people. Join us as we open our doors in Canberra; inviting you to share, create, listen, connect, and grow. ​​
Bringing together a collection of both home-grown and global visionaries, this unique in-person event will take you on a 1.5 hour journey where you’ll meet creative thinkers and innovation catalysts, while experiencing first-hand how data insights can be turned into effective actions for your agency or department.  ​
Don’t miss your opportunity to explore the emerging technologies that will inspire the future of work and government services.


Be inspired by renowned thought leaders from across Australia and New Zealand, including co-founders of Future Crunch - Dr Angus Hervey and Tane Hunter, who will share meaningful stories and insights into the future of technology and science.




Immerse yourself in a new kind of exhibit hall experience – The Labs is an interactive space where you can engage with our innovation experts, and ​get hands-on with emerging technologies that address specific challenges that the Australian Public Sector face.




The future of work is the intersection of people, process, and technology. Step through our Future of Work showcase to explore how digital technologies are being used to support public servants, and improve their engagement and workplace experience, as we navigate the ‘next normal’.

Kate Munari
Leadership and Resilience keynote speaker, Helicopter pilot, Veteran
Dr Angus Hervey
Political Economist & Co-Founder
Future Crunch
Tane Hunter
Cancer Scientist & Co-Founder
Future Crunch
Hannah Baudert
Federal Director
SAP Australia and New Zealand


Join us for a 1.5 hour journey where you’ll meet creative thinkers and innovation catalysts, while experiencing first-hand how data insights can be turned into effective actions for your agency or department. 
There are three dedicated time slots. Please register for your preferred session:​

8:45am - 10:20am | 11:00am - 12:35pm


Kick start the session the healthy way, grab a bite from our Be Well Bar before heading to the Inspiration Stage.

SAP Welcome​

Hannah Baudert - Federal Director, SAP Australia and New Zealand​

Keynote: Future Crunch 

Dr Angus Hervey, Political Economist & Co-founder of Future Crunch​

Tane Hunter, Cancer Scientist & Co-founder of Future Crunch



Kate Munari - Leadership and Resilience keynote speaker, Helicopter pilot, Veteran

Choose your own adventure. Visit one or all of our activations on the showcase floor:​


Future of Work World​

Interrupted, Disrupted, Or Redefined?

The Future of Work is the intersection of people, process, and technology. This is shaped by the changing workforce demographics, the growing adoption of innovative solutions, and the enhancing digital ecosystem. This evolution will transform the nature of work itself.

Over the past 18 months, many elements of what was considered the Future of Work are now a reality. We discovered that the boundaries of our resilience, ingenuity, and problem-solving runs deeper and further than anyone thought. But most importantly, the human experiences that fuel these capabilities are now at the forefront of how organisations evolve.

Step through our Future of Work World to explore how digital technologies are being used to support public servants, and improve their engagement and workplace experience as we navigate the ‘next normal’.

We will deep-dive into scenarios that look at:

  • AI Powered Superteams: See how integrating AI into already skilled and talented teams can empower individuals to achieve superior results – with the benefit of advanced analytics, machine learning, and Big Data management on their side.
  • A Jobful Future: People no longer stay at one company for life. Understand how organisations need to look at flexible work to hire for scarce resources, rotate staff needs, and shift from monitoring employees to performance monitoring. 
  • Build Back with Digital: The next normal will look different than the pre-pandemic world and technology is imperative to this change. Discover how the rise of Industry 4.0 will connect the physical and digital world, building a network of organisations around the world. Are the leaders of the future ready to adapt to this virtual workforce? 
  • Inclusively Belong: Explore how a sustainable diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) strategy leads to higher levels of innovation, success, and employee satisfaction. Discover how prioritising workforce engagement at every stage of the employee lifecycle is crucial to building more resilient and high performing businesses.​​


The Labs​

The Labs at Canberra will focus on driving better outcomes and employee experience in the innovation economy. Often, innovation is resource intensive and highly collaborative. Employee mobility, skills and intangible asset management can be the difference between the success and failure in bringing an idea to market. By utilising an end-to-end approach to portfolio and people management, public agencies can drive better outcomes for the projects which will advance Australia into a more sustainable and digital future. 


Lab 1: Digital  Employee Upskill Kiosk

See how digital skills can be improved and how to manage a workforce that is expected to improve their skills dramatically in a changing work environment with a self-service engagement. 

Lab 2: Employee Mobility as a Service

APS employees move between agencies in MOG changes, taskforces, and naturally to find opportunities.  See how this can be simplified for employees by bringing their important records to the new agency efficiently and quickly.

Lab 3: Intelligent Portfolio Management

A concept demonstrating how unconventional assets can be managed using digital twin technology. See how IP and human capital could be utilised more efficiently, and linked to tangible assets to manage innovation at scale. 

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