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2:00PM - 4:30PM


Effect is the innovation experience that focuses on the intersection of creativity, culture, collaboration and people. Join us in Perth for the first time; inviting you to share, create, listen, connect, and grow. ​​
Bringing together a collection of both home-grown and global visionaries, this unique in-person event will take you on a 2.5 hour journey where you’ll meet creative thinkers and innovation catalysts, while experiencing first-hand how data insights can be turned into effective actions for your organisation. 
Don’t miss your opportunity to explore the emerging technologies that will inspire a more sustainable and data-driven world. 


Be inspired by renowned thought leaders from across Australia and New Zealand, including co-founders of Future Crunch - Dr Angus Hervey and Tane Hunter, who will share meaningful stories and insights into the future of technology and science.



Immerse yourself in a new kind of exhibit hall experience – The Labs is an interactive space where you can engage with our innovation experts and 
be immersed in use cases of next gen tech touching on operational effectiveness, agility and resilience in mining operation.




Sustainability and climate change are some of the biggest challenges of our time. ​Step through our Sustainability World to explore how a new era of digital innovation can enable a future that looks greener, cleaner, and more equal than the world we live in today.

Dr Jenny Brockis
Founder and Chief Wellbeing Officer, Speaker, Author
Brain Fit
Dr Angus Hervey
Political Economist & Co-Founder
Future Crunch
Tane Hunter
Cancer Scientist & Co-Founder
Future Crunch
Claire Wildekamp
General Manager, Western Australia
SAP Australia and New Zealand
Anton Kröger
Senior Director, Natural Resources
Australia and New Zealand


We’ll take you on a 2.5 hour journey, including networking and refreshments, where you’ll meet creative thinkers and innovation catalysts of home grown innovations, and learn how insights can be turned into effective actions.

SAP Welcome​

Claire Wildekamp – General Manager, SAP Western Australia


Keynote: Future Crunch 

Dr Angus Hervey, Political Economist & Co-founder of Future Crunch​

Tane Hunter, Cancer Scientist & Co-founder of Future Crunch


Dr Jenny Brockis

Founder and Chief Wellbeing Officer, Speaker, AuthorBrain Fit

Choose your own adventure. Visit one or all of our activations on the showcase floor:​


Sustainabilty ​World

Sustainability and climate change are some of the biggest challenges of our time. ​

​A sustainable business is a viable business - which means considering financial, economic, environmental, and social impacts to steer an organisation holistically for a competitive advantage.​  The best-run organisations of tomorrow will embed sustainability as a new dimension of success and embrace new business models, while delivering a best-in-class customer, citizen and employee experience.

Step through our Sustainability World to explore how a new era of digital innovation can enable a future that looks greener, cleaner, and more equal than the world we live in today.  We will deep-dive into scenarios that look at:​

  • Reduce Emissions – Discover how greater transparency can help measure, calculate, track and report the GHG emission inventories of your organisation, allowing visibiity of carbon footprint down to a granular level and driving climate action.
  • Reduce Waste – See how a rethinking of business processes across the entire value chain, will protect our planet, its species, and our collective prosperity, while creating new business models.
  • Reduce Inequality - As humans responsible for social progress, we must consider all people and communities as we move forward. See how transparency is key to procurement with purpose, and to bring diversity and inclusion to front of mind.
  • Manage Holistically – Discover how managing ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) holistically, brings together financial and non-financial factors for review and analysis, can identify growth opportunities and attract a new generation of stakeholders and investors.  ​​


The Labs​

The Labs at Perth will focus on Operational Effectiveness, Agility and Resilience in Operations.​ ​What you will learn

  • How data generated by humans, machines and instruments is changing the way that organisations operate – for the better.​
  • We will look at examples for organisations that are asset intensive and worry about inventory and logistics.​
  • Attendees will benefit from understanding how insights from data can lead to better decision-making.


Lab 1: Google Trends and SAP Data Intelligence for inventory decision-making

Combining 'Google Trends’ what is happening to demand for products in the market, and how SAP assists an organization to address the market  through their planning and operational systems proves how the two are better.

Lab 2: Wastewater, IoT and Asset Intelligence

Evidence-based decision intelligence and enhanced automation with Streamwise and SAP AIN.

Lab 3: FitMachine. A remote machine health solution, installable in less than 5 min

See how easy to install, but powerfully capable sensors collect vibration and temperature data on machines.  The Movus system uses AI to generate asset health insights and make these available to customers via their Machine Cloud.  Our friends at Rizing have created an integration using the SAP Business Technology Platform to connect Movus’ machine cloud to SAP Predictive Asset Insights enabling customers to link asset insights to maintenance execution.  


Want to keep the conversation going? Join your peers for refreshments before you head off.

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