In a jam-packed three-hour virtual live event, we heard from Harvard Business Review and local executives on what this year might bring.

Turn your ideas into your greatest opportunities


Broadcasting LIVE from Sydney on March 24, Perspectives 2021 brings together research analysts from Harvard Business Review and local executives to share their insights on what this year might bring, and how to propel from change to growth - particularly in times of disruption. 


The forum will feature three panel discussions running sequentially,  the future of work; sustainability and creating a data-driven culture.

The pandemic has redefined the workplace, forcing leaders to adapt to disruptions, anticipate future challenges, and plan for change. What are the realities of a post-pandemic workplace for both employers and employees? 

Businesses, consumers and governments, must work together to create sustainable and scalable solutions. How can organisations pivot profit to purpose to support a purpose-led and sustainable agenda?

It takes a data-driven culture to take information and actually turn it into real business change. How can today's  leaders foster a data-driven culture across the organisation to deliver exceptional experiences for employees and customers alike?

Speakers for Future of Work

Abbie Lundberg
Contributing Editor
Harvard Business Review Analytic Services
Gaston Carrion
Managing Director - Strategy and Consulting - Asia Pacific Talent and Organization Lead, Growth Markets; Global Employee Experience Lead
Nicola Burke
General Manager - IT Program Delivery
The Star

Speakers for Purpose-led Sustainability

Alex Clemente
Managing Director
Harvard Business Review Analytic Services
Darcy Small
Kua Coffee
Graham Winkelman
Head of Carbon Management

Speakers for Data-driven Culture

Todd Pruzan
Senior Editor, Research and Special Projects
Harvard Business Publishing
Julia Jack
David Scullin
Chief Digital Officer
Andrew Birmingham
Editor-in-chief and Associate Publisher



Pete Andrew, Chief Operating Officer, SAP Australia and New Zealand

What are the realities of a post-pandemic workplace for both employers and employees? This panel will look at the various workforce strategies that are needed for 2021 including expectations for future employment changes, readiness for remote work, and investment plans around digital technologies. The discussion will focus on next steps for managers in 2021. 



  • Research: Abbie Lundberg, Harvard Business Review (10min)
  • Panel Discussion (25min): 
    • Moderator: Pete Andrew, SAP ANZ
    • Panelist:
      Gaston Carrion, Accenture
      Nicola Burke, The Star
      Abbie Lundberg, Harvard Business Review

  • Live Q&A (15min) 
  • One of the biggest challenges of our times – climate change – has faded into the background. The old way of operating is no longer sustainable. Throughout the division we can all agree on one principle – the need for change, right now. No single entity can solve these issues alone. Businesses, consumers and governments, must all work together to create sustainable and scalable solutions. But this will only succeed if businesses play their part by putting sustainability and purpose driven leadership at the heart of what they do.


    During this discussion, our panel of thought leaders will examine why tomorrow’s leading organisations must become a generation of intelligent enterprises, whose purpose is not just to be resilient and profitable, but also to be sustainable.



  • Research: Alex Clemente, Harvard Business Review (10min)
  • Panel Discussion (25min)
    • Moderator: Pete Andrew, SAP ANZ
    • Panelist:
      Darcy Small, Kua Coffee
      Graham Winkelman, BHP
      Alex Clemente, Harvard Business Review

  • Live Q&A (15min)
  • Companies are typically drowning in data that fails to deliver the insights and business value that are needed to serve their customers.  


    In this session, we’ll talk about how to leverage, harvest and integrate actionable insights from data. We’ll dig deep into why data is crucial when it comes to your business success and driving an exceptional customer experience. Our panel of industry experts will dive into:  

    • Key challenges organisations face when it comes to data management 
    • Getting insights from large volume of data to drive business value 
    • Hyper-personalising engagement based on a comprehensive view of the customer 
    • How data can provide context that allows organisations to make decisions to drive biggest impact. 



  • Research: Todd Pruzan, Harvard Business Review (10min)
  • Panel Discussion (25min): 
    • Moderator: Pete Andrew, SAP ANZ
    • Panelist:
      Julia Jack, Mercury
      David Scullin, Zespri
      Andrew BirmingHam, Which-50
      Todd Pruzan, Harvard Business Review

  • Live Q&A (15min)

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