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Summer Dann, University Student and AIEF Scholarship Recipient

Chris Willcocks, VP & Head of Intelligent Spend and Business Network, SAP

Etosha Thurman, Chief Marketing & Solutions Officer for SAP Intelligent Spend and Business Network

Greg Harbor, Senior Vice President & General Manager, SAP Intellegent Spend Group APJ

Tane Hunter and Angus Hervey, Co-Founders of Future Crunch


What is today’s key quality for individuals and organisations that wish to thrive in a world of constant change? In this presentation, Future Crunch provides the answer. The next decade belongs to those who are willing to adopt new ways of thinking. People with a high AQ, or Adaptability Quotient - the ability to thrive in unpredictable environments.


The audience will walk away with the understanding of what it takes to foster AQ, how to identify it in others, and how it can be a superpower for anyone looking to maintain a competitive advantage, no matter what comes next.

Felicity Emmett, Senior Economist, ANZ Bank

Greg Harbor, Senior Vice President & General Manager, SAP Intelligent Spend Group APJ


Organisations are grappling with a rapidly changing economic environment, demand is struggling to be met and inflation is rising. In this discussion speakers will discuss:

  • Supply chain disruption - what is impacting this and how may this resolve
  • Geopolitical impacts on nearshoring, friend shoring, what is the impact on the economy
  • Local Economy - how will inflation and interest rates develop?
  • Early warning - what are the things to look out for which may signal a change

Rajat Sarna, Chief Procurement Officer, Vodafone New Zealand

John Hall, Territory Executive, New Zealand, SAP Intelligent Spend and Business Network


Rajat Sarna and the Vodafone NZ team have received numerous recognitions across Australia and New Zealand. Listen to Rajat distil the key drivers for this success including the need for a start-up mentality. In this session Rajat will discuss:

  • The transformation undertaken by his team, its outcomes and the reasons for its success
  • How to avoid pitfalls along the way
  • Strategic outcomes that allowed Procurement to lead the business on key agendas such as sustainability and social procurement

Tara Anderson, CEO, Social Traders

Sandra Waga, Head of Membership, Supply Nation

Chon Raman, Chief Operating Officer, Intellegent Spend & Business Network, APJ


In this session the panellists will take the audience through the benefits that can be derived when organisations are engaged in social and indigenous procurement.


Additionally, they will discuss how procurement executives can get started and build momentum around these initiatives in their organisation. 

Nicole Aspeling, Head of IT Finance and Corporate Application, Woolworths

Debbie Johnstone, Head of Governance and Operation, Woolworths

Cameron Paice, GM & Head of Customer Engagement, Intelligent Spend & Business Network, SAP APJ


Join us as we hear from key leaders in Woolworths outlining how they turned their business from largely manual to one that simplified buying decisions for its large user base to create strategic value. In this session executives will discuss:

  • What drove the requirements for transformation - why did they embark on the journey and the key milestones delivered
  • The Partnership between Business and IT to drive continuous improvement and innovation, and ultimately deliver a strong user experience
  • What is next in Woolworth’s journey?

Christel Martin, Director Procurement Excellence, Transport for NSW

Philip Chan, Manager of Modern Slavery, Ethical and Sustainable Supply Chain, University of Sydney

Drew Mauldin, Customer Success Partner ISBN, SAP


Procurement has the power to make small changes that can drive large social outcomes. 


In this session panel members will talk to us about their journeys in driving ethical & sustainable procurement within their organisations and take us through some actionable steps that everyone can take to secure a better future for everyone.

Mitchell Ross, Co-Founder and CEO of Muru Office Supplies

Julia Lörsch, Co-creator and Executive Producer, Digital Story Tellers

Tim Cohen, Chief Operating Officer, Integrity Health and Safety

Mirabel Mowat Smith, Relationship Manager, Australian Network on Disability

Nick Horn, Supplier Account Manager, SAP Ariba Network


Through Covid, natural disasters and global disruptions, the last 24 months have seen a shift in society’s attitudes to one embracing ethical procurement and appreciating the value of supplier diversity. However, for many companies and their buyers, it’s a journey to make this a reality.


We bring together a group of suppliers to talk about their experiences with buyers and perspectives on how to support a diverse supplier pool and some of the challenges they see facing organisations. 

Dominic Atkinson, Procurement & Supply Chain Leader, PwC


Hear a discussion on supporting small businesses to become more digitally enabled and improve efficiency through better internal processing

Varun Jalan, Director - Value Advisory & Digital Transformation, SAP


The challenge category managers face is too much or too little data. With every category being unique, the lack of operationalisation of tools and inconsistent metrics frequently results in varying quality of analyses and strategies.

  • Hear about the latest developments in category management around strategy creation and planning that will help it to deliver to its original strategic intent. 
  • See how the SAP Category Management solution has evolved to meet the needs of the next generation of users

Rachel Goos, Project Director, Source 2 Pay, Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads

Andrew Hunt, Regional Head of Business Network, SAP APJ


In this session Rachel Goos joins us to discuss how Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads' digitisation projects came into their own during lockdown, allowing them to continue customer and community support. In this session you will:

  • Understand the TMR journey, what they did that drove success and their learnings
  • Learn how Queensland TMR are now better placed to support social procurement and drive impact within the community
  • The next wave of innovation that TMR will be driving

Chris Willcocks, VP & Head of Intelligent Spend and Business Network, SAP

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