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Watch replays and see the highlights from Spend Connect Forum 2022 and explore additional resources to learn how you can continue the journey to drive success in 2023 and beyond

The Evolution of Spend Management


Etosha Thurman, Chief Marketing & Solutions Officer for SAP Intelligent Spend and Business Network

Greg Harbor, Senior Vice President & General Manager, SAP Intelligent Spend and Business Network APJ

Session Replay (30 mins)

The role of procurement and supply chain management professionals has transformed. The last few years have shown the importance and power of spend management. Hear about the key elements of a modern spend management strategy that will help the profession continue to evolve and take it to the future.

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Future Crunch: The Adaptability Quotient


Tane Hunter and Angus Hervey, Co-Founders of Future Crunch

Session Replay:
(45 mins)

What is today’s key quality for individuals and organisations that wish to thrive in a world of constant change? In this presentation, Future Crunch provides the answer. The next decade belongs to those who are willing to adopt new ways of thinking. People with a high AQ, or Adaptability Quotient - the ability to thrive in unpredictable environments.

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The Economic Context and its Impact for Procurement Leaders going forward


Felicity Emmett, Senior Economist, ANZ Bank

Greg Harbor, Senior Vice President & General Manager, SAP Intelligent Spend and Business Network APJ

Session Replay:
(25 mins)

In this discussion speakers discuss:

  • Supply chain disruption - what is impacting this and how may this resolve
  • Geopolitical impacts on nearshoring, friend shoring, what is the impact on the economy
  • Local Economy - how will inflation and interest rates develop?
  • Early warning - what are the things to look out for which may signal a change
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Customer Story Session Replays

Rajat Sarna and the Vodafone NZ team have received numerous recognitions across Australia and New Zealand. Listen to Rajat distil the key drivers for this success including the need for a start-up mentality.

Procurement has the power to make small changes that can drive large social outcomes. In this session panel members will talk to us about their journeys in driving ethical & sustainable procurement within their organisations and take us through some actionable steps that everyone can take to secure a better future for everyone.

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eInvoicing is the next evolution of processing efficiency, providing significant efficiency and security benefits across your supply chain. Hear how the small business supplier and customer experience will provide greater real-time opportunities and quality data. Additionally, learn about what is the latest government policy direction on this.

In this session, hear about the latest developments in category management around strategy creation and planning that will help it to deliver to its original strategic intent and see how the SAP Category Management solution has evolved to meet the needs of the next generation of users.

Success Stories for SAP Spend Management
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