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November 21 & 22, SAP Belgium, Machelen

The purpose of the event is to provide a forum for SAP BTP customers to share their experience with peers and SAP experts, creating an environment where customers can learn from one another and provide SAP feedback on how to enhance the SAP offering. It is an opportunity to connect with other SAP BTP cutomers, exchange experiences, achivements and insights, while also learning from SAP subject matters experts.
In this 2-day edition our theme is “Integration & Security ” and we will have strategy sessions, customer panels, hands-on workshops and will focus on how to get the most value of SAP BTP solutions.
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  • 08:45
    Doors open and coffee
  • 09:30
    Welcome & agenda

    Isabelle Masson, Head of SAP BTP BeLux & France

  • 09:50
    Key-note | AI, Automation relevance to Integration & Security

    Timo Eliot, VP, Global Innovation Advocate for SAP

  • 10:10
    Current Industry Trends in Enterprise Integration

    Abhijeet Abhijeet, Director of Business Development - SAP Cloud Platform

  • 10:30
    Panel Discussion
  • 11:00
  • 11:30
    Integration Strategy

    Udo Paltzer, Product Manager SAP Integration Suite and Team Lead

  • 12:00
    Security Strategy

    Sonia Petrescu, SAP Security Product Manager


  • 12:30
    Networking Lunch
  • 13:30
    Customer Story
  • 14:00
    Different ways SAP Business Technology Platform enables you to get more out of your ERP system​

    In this session Pieter-Jan Deraedt (CEO at Amista) will explore the transformative power of SAP BTP and how it empowers businesses to thrive in the digital era. Whether you're a business leader, IT professional, or technology enthusiast, this session promises valuable insights into the future of enterprise excellence.


    Pieter-Jan Deraedt, CEO, Amista

  • 14:20
    Serax: Implementing best practice integration for S/4HANA Cloud with the SAP Integration Suite and Event Mesh.

    An S/4HANA public cloud implementation is already a big project to take on, but it doesn’t stop there. At Serax we set up CPI (greenfield) and Event Mesh to smoothly connect S/4HANA cloud with non-sap systems such as a webshop, a 3PL-provider, an EDI-broker etc. Join this session to find out the issues we encountered and our lessons learned.


    Ragna Qvick, Digital Business Manager at Serax

  • 14:40
  • 15:10
    Break-out sessions
    (1) Identity & Access Management for SAP systems: Are you managing identities or are you already optimizing your setup?

    Sonia Petrescu & Allan Van Lelyveld, SAP


    (2) Cloud Integration Best Practices - How to design Enterprise - Grade Integration Flows

    Daniil Bolobonov, SAP

  • 15:50
  • 16:00
    Migrate Now from SAP Process Orchestration & Neo Environment to SAP Integration Suite

    Udo Paltzer, Product Manager SAP Integration Suite and Team Lead & Shilpa Vij, Senior Product Manager, Integration Platform

  • 16:30
    Q&A panel
  • 16:45
    Wrap-up & closing​

    Isabelle Masson, Head of SAP BTP BeLux & France

  • 17:00
    Networking cocktail (ends at 18:00)
  • 08:45
    Doors open and coffee
  • 09:15
    Welcome & agenda

    Isabelle Masson, Head of SAP BTP BeLux & France

  • 09:30
    Real-World Impacts of AI on Integration and Security

    Abhijeet Abhijeet, Director of Business Development - SAP Cloud Platform

  • 10:00
    Event Driven Architecture - Enabling your business to run in Real Time

    Hari Rangarajan, Developer Advocate, CTO Office, Solace

  • 10:30
  • 10:50
    Break-Outs / Hands-On sessions
    (1) Event Driven Architecture - Use case workshop & technical set up workshop

    Hari Rangarajan, Solace


    (2) SAP Cloud Identity Services – Explore an end-to-end identity and access management scenario

    Sonia Petrescu, Allan Van Lelyveld & Marco Holzwarth, SAP


    (3) Part 1: Migration to CPIS (from PI/PO or Neo CPI) What SAP Services and tools are available to assist/automate any migration

    Daniil Bolobonov & Shilpa Vij, SAP

  • 12:20
    Networking Lunch
  • 13:10
    Break-Outs / Hands-On sessions
    (1) Governance Strategy with ISAM, Monitoring with CALM, CI/CD, and B2B Integration with Trading Partner Management

    Udo Paltzer & Shilpa Vij, SAP


    (2) Get hands-on security recommendations for your SAP BTP environment​

    Sonia Petrescu, SAP


    (3) Part 2: Migration to CPIS (Continuation of the 10:50 workshop)

    Daniil Bolobonov, SAP

  • 14:40
  • 15:00
    Customer Reference Program / Early Adopter Care Program

    Francis Tamba, Senior CSP SAP BTP

  • 15:15
    Wrap-up and closing

    Isabelle Masson, Head of SAP BTP BeLux & France

  • 15:30
Meet our speakers

A diverse group of customers, experts and executives will join us throughtout the day. Learn from their experience by asking any question you may have.

Timo Elliott
Global Innovation Evangelist


For the last 30 years, Timo has worked closely with leading-edge organizations around the world on their data and digital transformation initiatives. He has worked in the UK, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and California, and currently lives in Paris, France. He has a degree in Econometrics and holds a patent in the area of mobile analytics. 

Isabelle Masson
Head of SAP BTP CSP BeLux & France


Isabelle leads the team of SAP Business Technology Platform Customer Success Partners for Belgium, Luxembourg and France. In this role, she provides strategic leadership and guidance to the team, with a laser focus on building a trusted relationship to drive customer value and business outcomes, through adoption and consumption of the SAP Business Technology Platform

Ragna Qvick
Digital Business Manager


Ragna has been working for 2,5 years at Serax now as a Digital Business Manager. She is experienced in wholesale, retail and e-commerce and was closely involved in the Integration project at Serax as a representative for the business side.

Sonia Petrescu
Security Product Manager


Sonia is part of the product management team for SAP Security solutions, with focus on SAP Cloud Identity Services. Previously, she had several years of experience in SAP consulting on Identity & Access Management topics. 

Udo Paltzer
Lead Product Manager SAP Integration Suite


Udo focusses on the integration of APIs, events and business processes incl. A2A, B2B and B2G integrations. Udo has 20+ years of experience in the integration domain. As a Lead Product Manager Udo concentrates on the customer, partner and product success of SAP Integration Suite with the goal to help customers and partners in their digital transformation journey. Additionally, Udo engages with analysts, collect and prioritizes requirements to shape the roadmap of SAP Integration Suite.

Shilpa Vij
Product Manager Integration Suite


Vij works globally across industries with customers and Integration experts for product planning and execution throughout the Product Lifecycle, including gathering and prioritizing product and customer requirements and defining the product vision. She works closely with engineering, sales, marketing, and support to ensure revenue growth and customer satisfaction. She provides enablement sessions and expert-level workshops in the areas of SAP’s Integration Suite.

Pieter-Jan Deraedt


Pieter-Jan has been working on SAP BTP projects as BTP Solution Architect across multiple different industries for the past decade. He started his career as an ABAP developer but quickly started using web and mobile technologies in combination with SAP backends for which BTP is an excellent platform. He likes advising customers on the usage of BTP for building or integrating innovative solutions on top of SAP backends but also believes in the benefits of the "clean core" development that BTP has to offer for SAP customers.

Allan van Lelyveld
Solution Advisor Expert


Allan is a solution advisor expert with almost 20 years of SAP experience. He leads the security focus program for SAP Business Technology Platform(BTP). He has deep expertise in security related topics on BTP and security architecture. He presents many global events, workshops and webinars on security-related topics.

Peter Geukens
Senior Integration Architect


Peter Geukens is a governance expert with a keen interest in SAP integration.

Daniil Bolobonov
SAP BTP Solution Advisor


Daniil is a trusted SAP BTP advisor helping customers realize the value of SAP Integration Suite and SAP BTP application development services. With more than 7 years of SAP BTP experience, Daniil has a strong focus on integration and extension topics.

Hari Rangarajan
Developer Advocate, CTO Office


Hari is a dynamic and creative professional with a passion for innovative solutions in the realm of software development. With a deep understanding of both technical and business perspectives, he constantly seeks out challenges that push the boundaries.
His expertise lies in Software Engineering, particularly in Java, Microservices, and Event-Driven Architecture (EDA). DevOps and Agile methodologies are not just tools in his arsenal; they reflect his intrinsic approach to collaboration and working with people.

SAP Belgium
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1831 Machelen, Belgium
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