What can digital do for your company?

Until the end of the year, we will provide you with premium content in cooperation with our SAP partners. Discover the several tracks for each line of business


Innovation track: in which digital future to invest?

What will be the digital priorities for the next 12 months in this (post) COVID-19 era? And how should you allocate budgets for your digital strategy 2021?

Sales, Services and Marketing: bye bye offline customer

Same customer, different channel: what do you need to change to reconnect with your customer through digital?

Finance: regaining control of Finance

How to predict and protect cash flow, treasury and invoice collection? How to finance operations, cut costs and invest wisely in uncertain times?

Supply Chain: resilience or disruption?

Resilience is the result of digitally connecting organisations, processes and resources. Discover how integrating from design to operate is the way to go for the next 12 months.

HR: bridging physical and emotional distance

Managing a workforce that is working remotely and operating under ever changing conditions is a challenge for HR. How can you connect, train and retain your talents digitally?

TCO track: how to manage your SAP budget?

We are aware that when, you are responsible of digital, you are asked to scrutinize your budget and propose savings. What can you do to keep your SAP landscape costs under control?


More than 30 hours of premium content already available!
Professors, experts and business executives discussed the future of Digital for the next 12 months for HR, Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain, Innovation Strategy and the 2021 budget. Get inspired.
Discover what companies are digitally doing to get ahead of the pack in difficult times. More than 20 inspirational webinars already available in every line of business.
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