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CXchangersTalk is a live interview format where our host Thomas Wieberneit welcomes various guests to discuss the most important topics around Customer Experience. 


Costumer Data Platforms, short CDPs, are one of the most discussed topics within the CX Community. Currently, the CDP Institute counts more than 150 CDPs of different flavours. This raises a lot of questions, chiefly: Which business challenges do companies solve with a CDP, and how do they get there?


We were pleased to welcome our special guest Mario Kurmann to our second CX Changers Talk on May 12.

Mario is responsible for the CDP implementation at Migros and created deep knowledge on customer data.


This interview was conducted in German.

You can find the interview with English subtitles on this page. 


We look forward to seeing you. 


Learn more about our guest

Our Special Guest: Mario Kurmann

Mario Kurmann is a charismatic Senior Product Manager at Migros Fachmarkt AG in the field of Customer Experience Management. Within the company he drives on building the CRM capabilities while keeping the focus on customer data and CRM technology.



Our Host: Thomas Wieberneit

Thomas is an internationally renowned analyst and consultant with more than 25 years of proven track record of leadership experience in the CRM and CX industry. Being an experienced practitioner with a unique combination of development, quality management and consulting experience, he effectively translates business needs into technology solutions, bringing strong value to software vendors and their customers.

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