One Event. Two Days. Two Focus Topics.
Growing Together.


The future belongs to companies that know how to make their ecosystem profitable, resilient and sustainable. Recognizing the power of ecosystems is one of the key foundations for solving global challenges – and it’s our focus at SAP NOW Zurich. 


Two Days, Two Focus Topics:

  • Leadership Day is designed for decision-makers who want to know how to manage their company or organization sustainably, responsibly, and profitably through the years ahead. The event’s focus is on sparking fresh ideas and inspiration and on providing space for you to connect with your peers. 
  • Business Day – for subject-matter experts from the business who are looking at digital transformation in their enterprise – is a chance to delve into specific solution scenarios and best practices. 


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April 25 & 26, 2023



Convention Center Zurich



Enabling a powerful Network of Intelligent, Sustainable Enterprises – to make the World run better

Our Event Days


Why do we need to act now? And what can we do? On both days, we’ll be examining these questions and exploring both strategic and practical aspects of sustainable and responsible growth.

Leadership Day, April 25, 2023


Thought leaders from business, politics and science will join us to discuss the levers we have for change, the opportunities that lie ahead on the road to a sustainable future – and what part a strong network of intelligent enterprises will play.


Leadership Day is designed for decision makers from all industries who want to explore sustainable and responsible corporate governance and set their businesses on course for a profitable future.

Business Day, April 26, 2023


We’ll speak with digital transformation experts about challenges and solutions on the road to becoming an intelligent, sustainable enterprise.


Business Day is geared toward experts from different lines of business who are tasked with addressing digital transformation and innovation in their organizations.



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