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have developed the following mission statement:


Each Industry Leaders Think Tank is a business community led by forward-thinking CPOs and Chief Supply Chain Officers coming together to solve pressing industry challenges while inspiring a movement towards sustainable and resilient supply chains.

Member Benefits
  • Global Impact Advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to make the world a better place
  • Industry Impact  Influence the industry by collective actions and creation of industry standardization 
  • Innovation Scout Gain exposure to cutting edge innovations from a host of start-ups and emerging technology
  • Ideation & Sharing Ideate with industry thought leaders and share among peers to evolve the role of procurement  
  • Community Build lifelong, trusted relationships with other forward-thinking executives
How and When?

Are you Ready?

When we look at mindset, we think big – and we leave no gaps. We measure beliefs, attitudes and feelings meticulously enough to channel them, change them, and use them to transform behavior.

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