Intelligent Enterprise NOW
SAP přistupuje k budování inteligentního podniku pro adresování výzev digitální transformace s komponentami jako inteligentní balík aplikací, digitální platforma nebo inteligentní technologie – přijďte se podívat a získejte odpovědi na otázky jak řešit toto téma, z čeho můžete benefitovat a jak postupovat, aby se váš podnik stal opravdu inteligentním.
Klíčová témata, na která se můžete těšit:
  • Strategie a přístup SAP k budování inteligentního podniku, klíčové faktory vedoucí k úspěšné digitalizaci vaší společnosti.
  • Jak přidat inteligenci vašim datům v business aplikacích, neomezený a transparentní přístup k datům v rámci celého podniku
  • Efektivní integrace SAP systémů a aplikací třetích stran v hybridních prostředích.
  • Představení nových inteligentních technologií a machine learning platformy v cloudu, která obohacuje portfolio existujících nástrojů pro pokročilou analytiku.
  • Rozšiřujte váš systém pomocí mikroslužeb a vyvíjejte adaptivní aplikace v SAP Cloud Platform, která vám umožní inovovat, integrovat a rozšiřovat aplikace flexibilně a agilně.
  • Možnosti nasazení SAP v cloudu včetně jejich výhod.
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Největší přínos návštěvy sekce Intelligent Enterprise je proCEO, CTO, CIO, dále pro enterprise architekty, vedoucí SAP kompentenčních center a systémové integrátory.

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Intelligent Enterprise Keynote
The Yin and Yang of Business Innovation

Organizations around the world are entering an era of business transformation, where innovation is key.
How do you reshape your business and out-innovate your competition leveraging technologies like machine learning, big data, IOT and Blockchain?
In this keynote, you will hear the Intelligent Enterprise strategy and explore the new possibilities of re-inventing your customers’ experience, empowering your employees and connecting your resources and networks in ways never possible before.

Marc Raben, Svetlana Rieb, SAP


Culture of Innovation - How to Get Things Done

Culture eats strategy for breakfast. So how to cope with this in a fast changing, more and more complex world. How to stay relevant as a company in the next 5-10 years? How to find the right pace and ideas of innovation and disruption? How to establish a culture of change, creativity and innovation? How to live Day 1? And what do have red monkeys to do with this?

Hein Volker, SAP


Platform and Technologies – Foundation of the Intelligent Enterprise
Data is the new oil" and thus the central raw material and value block for companies to build the "Intelligent Enterprise". Dirk Häußermann shows how companies and organizations can use the opportunities of Big Data with the latest SAP solutions and meet the challenges of the increasing flood of data. Regardless of whether they rely on the cloud or on-premise solutions.Examples will explain how successful companies are already using these building blocks of the SAP HANA Data Management Suite today.

Dirk Haeussermann, SAP

16:00 přestávka na kávu

SAP Cloud Platform – the Gear Box of the Intelligent Enterprise

Combining stable business operations with flexible and fast innovation adoption is a huge challenge in times of exponential growth in technology development. The SAP Cloud Platform is the binding piece for the Intelligent Enterprise offering on the one hand the necessary integration capabilities to secure stable and integrated business processes while on the other hand acting as extension platform for all SAP applications to secure fast and easy development and operations of highly innovative and intelligent individual extensions to the standardized processes. In this session Arne Speck will give an overview about the capabilities of the SAP Cloud Platform and its’ crucial role in the concept of the intelligent enterprise.

Arne Speck, SAP


Machine Learning and Intelligent technologies for the Intelligent Enterprise

SAP Cloud Platform is in the center of the intelligent enterprise. It allows us to connect applications, modernize them, extend them and drive innovation around them. Pinaki Ray will show with the help of some examples of how new SAP Cloud Platform  technologies can be employed. Examples will explain how customer and partners have used SAP Cloud Platform to transform businesses.

Pinaki Ray, SAP


Jak provozovat SAP řešení v Microsoft Azure
Mnoho lidí si stále myslí, že SAP v Azure znamená provozovat systémy běžící pouze nad Microsoft SQL a Windows. Velký omyl! V této prakticky orientované prezentaci si ukážeme všechny certifikované možnosti nasazení SAP v Azure včetně jeho výhod a scénářů a dále i ukázku plně automatické implementace SAP HANA.

Jan Třetina, Microsoft

17:50 ukončení sekce
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Těšte se na naše prezentující
Dirk Haeussermann
Head of Platform and Technologies GCO

Dirk has more than two decades of experience in business technology. After studying with Business Informatics his focus is constantly on innovative Data- and Process Management solutions in various industries and markets.He served as Director of Sales at IBM, as Managing Board Member and COO at Heiler Software AG as well as Managing Director at Informatica. Today Dirk is the responsible Head of SAP Platform and Technologies GCO for the Middle & Eastern Europe region.

Marcus Raben
Chief Technology Officer at SAP for Middle & Eastern Europe

Mark Raben is Chief Technology Officer at SAP for Middle & Eastern Europe. He is one of the leaders in the field of B2B IT innovations.
In his current role as CTO at SAP, he works with customers, partners and universities helping companies to transform their business through technology.
Mark is often participating at various events and conferences where he shares his insights into topics related to new technologies, customer experience and digital transformation, and also often acts as a moderator for panels gathering some of the most renowned experts in technology and innovation. He is a passionate speaker on topics related to new technologies, developing customer experience, design thinking, storytelling and SAP strategies.
This website only contains Mark’s personal views, thoughts and opinions. It is not endorsed by SAP nor does it constitute any official communication of SAP.

Pinaki Ray
Sr. Director MEE

Pinaki Ray works on SAP’s Middle and Eastern Europe sales team for SAP Cloud Platform with a focus on bringing value to our customers’ digital journey by helping them adopt cloud. Pinaki works closely with strategic customers discussing innovations and cloud approaches as well as serving as a customer advocate internally.
Prior to joining SAP in 2011, Pinaki has been a Solution Architect and Manager for Oracle Banking products. He has experience in designing Banking as a Service with FITS and ATOS in EMEA, in the process he has nurtured and promoted various platform-based technologies with strategic customers around the globe.

Svetlana Rieb
Innovation Evangelist

As part of the Office of the CTO MEE Svetlana Rieb is leading strategic projects across the region to build bridges between innovative technologies and customers’ business challenges. In her role Svetlana is focusing on 2 main pillars. Firstly, to inspire the customers  with a new art of presentations and make technology and its benefits for the businesses tangible and comprehensible. Secondly, driving projects jointly with customers to make innovation through technology happen.

Arne Speck
Solution Advisor Expert for Platform Solutions, SAP Customer Solution Advisory Office MEE

As Solution Advisor Expert Arne Speck is responsible for the platform solutions of SAP’s technology portfolio. Arne Speck works closely together with SAP customers and the SAP field organizations to understand customer business needs and align it with SAP's technology portfolio in order to realize innovative and reliable IT solutions. For nearly 15 years Arne Speck has been acting at SAP in various roles and areas, e.g. technology, integration, business process management, UX, cloud and it-strategy. In his current role he is driving the alignment between SAPs field organizations and the product and development organizations with focus on the SAP Cloud Platform. Arne is coaching global large accounts in the region in their strategy to combine innovation technologies and innovative business models with existing business processes.

Jan Třetina
Technical Solution Professional

Jan works within Microsoft enterprise sales organization with a focus on SAP workloads in Azure. He drives the technical decision at the customer to buy, architect, develop or adopt their SAP solution based on Microsoft Technology by providing technical presentations, demonstrations, ADSs, and PoC’s. Jan also proactively runs customers/partners/field workshops and coaching sessions to support complex SAP on Azure engagements including 1st and 3rd party solutions.

Volker Hein
Customer Innovation Lead and CTO MEE

Volker is the Customer Innovation Lead and Keynotespeaker for the Office of the CTO MEE. With this he is at the forefront of our customer’s innovation and digital transformation journey, focusing on leveraging SAP’s latest and greatest technology to enhance the future of business. He acts as a thought leader on the culture of innovation as he believes that sustainable change can only come from a cultural change.

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