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SAP Blockchain for Supply Chain

The demands for expanding digitalization, trust, security and gain efficiency within multi-stakeholder networks are rising. At the same time further fair-trade (EU) regulations come into effect.​
The story is about a fair-trade smoothie that has a digital twin with the whole verifiable history of its production, thereby stimulating consumer trust and purchasing decisions and everything runs on SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain Services.

SAP Esri Power Supply Demo


The Esri Power demo is a utilities demo showing the geospatial aspect in business scenarios. In this model we can provoke certain failure situations which have an impact on the electricity distribution in the power grid. One example would be a fire in a transformer, which causes an outage in a certain area. The location information can be processed by SAP HANA and relevant geometries (points, lines, polygons) can be displayed on an Esri map. Furthermore the geospatial data can be used to dispatch the technician closest to the place of the incident.

SAP Digital Boardroom


SAP Digital Boardroom is a next-generation corporate management board portal that transforms boardroom and steering meetings into a real-time digital enterprise experience. Built on SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Digital Boardroom uses LOB data from SAP S/4HANA, SAP BW/4HANA, and other SAP & non-SAP applications to provide a single source of truth about a company's most important business metrics.With SAP Digital Boardroom, users can more readily monitor, simulate, and support business change to meet the expectations of your customers, business partners, and employees.

SAP Velotics Physical Bike


This showcase demostrates the digital transformation of a fictional company Velotics. In our first demo scenario we are looking at the captured data from the perspective of the bike manufacturer and its service agents. In order to keep a closer relationship with the end-user the manufacturer (with the consent of the user) can keep track of the battery state of charge.
Our second scenario uses the same captured data as the service technician dashboard but uses gamification techniques to present the information in a fun and compelling way. We have generate a simulated racetrack (using SAPUI5 web application) and allow, up-to two bikes to be 'raced' head to head or have one rider 'race the computer' in our virtual rider mode.

SAP Smart Kicker

The Smart Kicker powered by SAP Leonardo illustrates how live IoT data enables real-time IoT analytics. It was built to demonstrate how analog devices can be digitalized and how digitalization enables processes and information gathering.

SAP Anki Overdrive

This showcase uses Anki's modern, autonomous, overdrive racing track to show how SAP can collect and analyze data from vehicles in real time. Depending on the built-in sensors, indicators such as speed, distance traveled, current vehicle position, tank status and more can be monitored, which can help with the logistics management in your company.

SAP Cozmo Warehouse Management


This demo is a representation of an automated warehouse management system and highlights the value that SAP Leonardo can bring in transforming your business with the use of IoT, Machine Learning, and analytics.