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Data has become the world’s most valuable resources. Competitive advantage is increasingly driven by a company’s capabilities to create meaningful insight from data. To support data-driven enterprises, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud unifies data and analytics in a multi-cloud solution, embracing data integration, database, data warehouse, and analytics capabilities. By integrating external data into their analytics, customers can derive new business insights for better decision making.


The Data Marketplace in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud (DWC) enables customers to access external data assets in a matter of clicks that could take weeks or months today when integrating themselves. By creating high-value data products based on data insights generated by your startup solution you can tap into SAP’s large customer base and unleash new revenue streams. Just think in terms of “Data as a Service” and the data value your startup could bring to the table.

More than 440k data-savvy SAP customers
Data modeling and integration with a few clicks
Free access to SAP DWC for six months
Understand the commercial concept of the Data Marketplace for SAP DWC


The SAP Data Marketplace is an integrated part of the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud solution. Designed as digital marketplace, it connects external data providers with Business & IT data consumers of SAP customers, while ensuring high data quality, consistency, and security.

Data providers may list their data products on the SAP Data Marketplace to generate interest and new business opportunities among SAP customers. Two different data listing types are available, differing in how data is shared and consumed by the customer. Whereas standard listings represent generic, aggregated or non-customer-specific data, taylored private data products are customer-specific data sets, often generated based on customer-individual data.

All SAP DWC customers have access to the SAP Data Marketplace and will browse through its listings, when searching for external data. It is highly recommended to add sample data to your marketplace listing, so that customers may immediately explore the value of your data for their individual analytical use case. Once a customer selects your data product, the deal will be closed on your paper. At the moment, there is no revenue share established, though license fees will apply after the free trial period.


Key to success: Connecting data with business context


Generating new revenues from data in the context of your domain expertise doesn’t mean just listing any data set on The Data Marketplace. Successfully monetizing your data-as-a-service offering goes far deeper – it’s about selecting and packaging data insights in a way that delivers the most value to SAP customers. This is why crafting a compelling data analytics use case is of utmost importance.


SAP Data Warehouse Cloud comes with native SAP Analytics Cloud integration, including the ability to connect and collect data from all sources. SAP customers expect you to deliver ready-to-use data that can be seamlessly exchanged across SAP DWC spaces and integrated into broader analytics across SAP and non-SAP data. Don't miss to read the customer story that explains how Porsche uses SAP Data Warehouse Cloud & SAP Analytics Cloud.

SAP.iO Data Marketplace Examples


The Data Marketplace for SAP DWC has been launched in November 2021. It empowers data providers to build and list their data products to adress business users in different Line of Businesses and Industries across different SAP applications. See how other startups use their SaaS solutions to build great Data-as-a-Service offerings on the SAP DWC Marketplace.
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Become an SAP Data Provider has joined forces with SAP DWC to provide startups with an easy-to-use access to an SAP DWC infrastructure, including SAP Analytics Cloud functionalities. So, maybe you are interrested in becoming a data provider and want to give it a try? Just sign up and gain access to more technical information and a step-by-step guide on how to get started. 



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