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Redefining the Change Experience​ - Putting People first


Every change offers a wide range of opportunities. Transformation succeeds when all employees are involved and trained in the best possible way.
The advantages for your employees:
- Involved employees are motivated from the start and support the change positively (change maker).
- Trained employees can apply knowledge in a more targeted way, which leads to faster success.
Like surfing, you can apply what you learn faster, take the wave sooner and enjoy it longer
- a positive ride on a wave - RIDE THE CHANGE!
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Thinking Digitally

In this whitepaper, you will learn why digital transformation is not just about technology. Above all, it is about people. Discover how a change in mindset can lead you to sustainable digital transformation and more reasons why such a shift towards a digital mindset is necessary.

Change Management in SAP projects

Unfamiliar systems, new processes, completely different ways of working: An SAP introduction can unsettle users. That is why change management is crucial for the success of any IT project.


Change Management and Cloud Mindset

Moving to a cloud-based, digital SAP platform is not just about innovative functionality. What exactly is this “cloud mindset” and how does it affect learning and change management?


Education Newscast


The Education NewsCast discusses news, trends and basics of corporate learning and education topics. We talk to experts who share their experiences and expertise in learning and development in their companies, universities or public institutions.

SAP Preferred Success

Companies face a multitude of challenges in managing and using cloud solutions, some of which can be very individual and solution-specific. With the services of SAP Preferred Success, many of these challenges can be overcome more easily, ensuring that the cloud experience becomes a real success.

Focus Areas in SAP Organizational Change Management

Read more about the six focus areas in SAP Organizational Change Management (OCM) and how the OCM work packages align along SAP Activate.

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