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People are at the heart of transforming organizations digitally. HR can drive that change and bring the digital transformation to life.
Let us explore your organization's individual journey towards the Future of Work together.


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Talking about the Future of Work requires an understanding about the maturity of rising technology trends. The Future of Work Tour makes these technologies tangible and shows how they pave the way to the digital transformation - directly at your doorstep.


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Tour topics
Workforce Agility

Did you know that by 2020 there will be around 30% more alternative work arrangements? This flexibility supports a better work-life-balance and higher job satisfaction as well as productive employees. With new family and working models the discussion on alternative work arrangements is not around a “should we” but rather on “how”. Let us accompany you on this discussion.



Place people in the center: What is your company doing for the well-being of each employee? In a recent survey 54% employees said they would leave a company that did not sufficiently take care of them. We want to start a conversation on how to maintain a healthy and satisfied workforce as well as to remain competitive in the war for talent.


Careers of the Future

Career models are transforming, focusing more on experiences and learning agility. The relevant skills for a job change faster that ever before. Companies have to ask themselves how to incorporate new career models as well as new ways to develop their people and expand their experiences. 


From Big to Smart Data

Data availability is increasing rapidly. HR must be fluent in filtering out relevant information and  tie it to business strategy related outcomes. Based on concrete Use Cases from practice we illustrate how you can develop and implement a smart-data strategy and its value.


Humans & Machines

Today we constantly interact with intelligent machines and virtual assistants and this will only continue to increase. By 2020 25% of costumer interactions will be supported by digital assistants. Let us discuss together how a good relationship between humans and intelligent machines can look like.


Business beyond bias

Diversity in teams increases performance and fosters innovation. However, cognitive processes that can hinder the promotion of diversity are often out of our control or consciousness. Explore with us how new technology can help your company make fair decisions that contribute to a responsible and smart HR management.


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