SAP Inspire für PLM 2022
New Year, new ideas!


In 2022, a brand-new event concept awaits you and its name speaks for itself: SAP Inspire for PLM! Together with our partners, we invite you to be inspired to transform your PLM processes.


In order to be able to present the information an experiences of SAP and SAP customers as precisely as possible, we altered the event structure:  There will be four half-day sessions (from 1-5pm CET / 7-11am US EDT), each with a specific topic or industry focus:



Please note: while these events are hosted by SAP Germany and focus on German speaking customers, we do have several sessions in English as well, so we welcome participants from other regions of the world for these English-speaking session!

We are delighted to be welcoming you virtually and to present the latest SAP Cloud innovations in the field of sustainable product development. Presentations will be given by technical and industry experts and will be followed by Q&A sessions, where you will have the opportunity to address individual questions.

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