make our business scenarios tangible

Experience real-world customer showcases, bringing digital transformation to life with SAP Leonardo. Take a peek at the scenarios below and experience the showcases in action at SAP Leonardo Live

A global sportswear business transforms into one that is customer-centric and value-driven using machine learning, 3D printing, digital twins, Blockchain technologies, S/4 Hana Cloud and the SAP Cloud Platform to visualize a fully connected, end-to-end value chain process in virtual reality. Therefore, showing the massive potential of SAP Leonardo by an immersive, gamified 3D manifestation of live business with SAP and Adidas.

Applications of Internet of Things (IoT) are connecting smart devices, applications, people, and processes to implement new business and service models. Find out how live data improves airport communication and workflows in passenger and freight business including commerce and gastronomy. This benefits airport operators and airlines, on-site retailers and most importantly, travelers and passengers.

This story of “Rinspeed Oasis”, an autonomous electric-car, represents a vision where urban mobility combines with the broader transportation ecosystem to connect people, companies, and vehicles in real time.  Inspire and shape a digital world by leveraging the internet of things (IoT), Machine Learning, Blockchain, Big Data and SAP solutions to create new connected business models and deliver new experiences.

Transform boardroom and steering meetings into a real-time digital enterprise experience – using SAP Digital Boardroom. Built on SAP Analytics Cloud, this next-generation board portal pulls data from SAP S/4HANA and other SAP and non-SAP applications to provide a single source of truth about a company’s most important business metrics.

Industrie 4.0 revolutionizes the conventional automation pyramid. Business software is merged with the machine layer. In this Live Scenario, experience the full business process: creation of the individual customer order in the web shop, planning and administration in SAP ERP systems, and orchestration, execution and documentation with SAP Digital Manufacturing.

SAP Leonardo Bridge is a configurable cloud solution which offers a persona-centric work environment that correlates business processes with data from IoT applications to provide intelligent business solutions in real-time.

IoT enabled devices open up new opportunities for customer service. Remote asset condition monitoring, predictions over 3D print of spare parts and marketing insights provided by a digital twin lead to excellent service and even new business models like Asset as a service or consumption based billing. A service technician benefits from guided and intelligent support for service based on a digital twin.

SAP delivers live real time data analytics from the racing and allows for Race Officials, Sailors, Fans and the Media to benefit from carefully packaged data insights, harnessing past racing data, making data comparisons, and showing second by second fluctuations in wind speed, direction, boat speed, and course, and operates a live leaderboard, visualized in 3D graphic animations. 

A logistics scenario seamlessly connecting an ERP system and supply chain to get information in order to make best decisions. This showcase implements devices and sensors in logistics to connect people, processes, data and objects in real time.

With a maintenance example, this showcase illustrates how intelligent systems unburden human workers from performing hazardous routine tasks. Computer vision enables the robotic system to make and act upon decisions.

The benefits of integrated and connected manufacturing are manifold for your customers and everybody involved in the value creation. Visit us to experience the interplay of physical production and software leveraging SAP portfolio and SAP Leonardo Innovation Services.

Expirence SAP Leonardo Machine Learning will transform how businesses are run. Featuring a fashion example, with an intelligent shopping window and a virtual digital assistant, you’ll see how Machine Learning helps detect trends, recognize your style, define the right colors and styles for the forthcoming collection, and target advertising to individual shoppers and consumers.