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The 2018 SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Research Retreat brings together SAP academic research partners from top universities and research institutes worldwide for a one-day open discussion to exchange ideas, experiences and best practices related to the field’s state of the art, recent trends and innovations. The discussion will delve into diverse ML topics; ranging from deep learning modals for neuroimaging data to multi-modal learning, as well as new approaches to NLP and Visual Recognition, among other topics. 


At SAP ML Research, we work on bridging the gap between academia and industry by collaborating with a global academic network of top-tier universities and research institutes to push the state of the art in machine learning fields that are relevant to SAP enterprise solutions.


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Our Team
Zbigniew Jerzak
Head of Deep Learning Centre of Excellence & Machine Learning Research
Tassilo Klein
Senior Researcher
SAP Machine Learning Research
Moin Nabi
Senior Research Scientist
SAP Machine Learning Research
Enrique Garcia Perez
Machine Learning Engineer
SAP Machine Learning Research
Lucie Janicot
SAP Machine Learning Research
Nermine Abdulhafiz
SAP Machine Learning Research
Research Retreat 2017 Highlights
Insights from Last Year's Event

This blog post gives a brief insight into the first SAP Machine Learning Research Retreat, which took place last year at SAP Innovation Center in Potsdam, Germany. 

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