Our event will feature talks by our academic research partners from top-tier universities and research institutes worldwide. The presentations will delve into a variety of machine learning topics that reflect our joint efforts to advance the field's state of the art. 

Massimiliano Pontil
Professor/Senior Researcher
University College London/Instituto Italiano Di Technologia
Volker Tresp
Professor/Research Scientist
Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich/Siemens
Kilian Weinberger
Associate Professor
Cornell University
Ivan Titov
Associate Professor/Part-time Faculty
University of Edinburgh/University of Amsterdam
Kayhan Batmanghelich
Assistant Professor/Adjunct Faculty
University of Pittsburgh & Carnegie Mellon University
Christian Wachinger
Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
Hamed Pirsiavash
Assistant Professor
University of Maryland, Baltimore Country
Vicente Ordóñez Román
Assistant Professor
University of Virginia
Mohammad Rastegari
Research Scientist
Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence
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