Summer Evenings with Knative

SAP Customer Experience would like to invite you to a Knative event. We shall be hosting Matt Moore and Scott Nichols,  both Software Engineers from Google with extensive Knative experience.


This is a special chance to enjoy a warm summer evening discussing knative, networking and enjoy cold beers at the terrace. Come one, come with a friend! 



Agenda of the Evening


“How to go from Deployment to K-Service with Knative Serving?” - Matt Moore 

In this session Matt will show us how to use Knative Serving to run serverless containers on Kubernetes with ease and how to move from a regular Knative deployment to Knative services to leverage the full power of auto scaling, scale to zero, revision tracking and a lot of cool features provided out of the box once you use Knative services.


“A journey in Knative eventing” - Scott Nichols 

In this session, Scott will take us into a journey in Knative Eventing through a set of cool demo to show case what are the different features provided by Knative Eventing such as the broker/trigger CRDs and how do they complete the serverless capabilities provided by Knative.



Come engage with us.

See you soon!



July 4th, 2019 


6:15 PM To  9:00 PM 


SAP Customer Experience Labs

Nymphenburger str. 82

80636 Munich

Where we are!


SAP Customer Experience Labs

Nymphenburger str. 82
1st Floor, Munich