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SAP Next-Gen Chapters are lighthouse universities which are multipliers of the University Competence Center (UCC) and Academic Competence Center (ACC) locations, supporting educational institutions in a country or region to build up the local SAP Next-Gen innovation with purpose network, and enabling customers to work with the mindset of young people at universities for disruptive design concepts and prototype solutions to accelerate becoming best-run, intelligent enterprises and to lead in the experience economy.


The chapters mentor other universities by sharing best practices for educating students with SAP Next-Gen resources for hands on use of SAP software and curriculum in classrooms in collaboration with a UCC and/or ACC. And chapters connect industry partners to academic thought leaders and researchers, students, startups, accelerators, purpose driven partners, venture firms, futurists, and SAP experts to reimagine the future of industries, seed in disruptive innovation with startups, and build skills for the intelligent enterprise.


A cross topic chapter is a multiplier across a broad range of SAP Next-Gen program offerings to support a wide range of communities:


  • SAP Next-Gen innovation with purpose community
  • SAP Next-Gen science fiction community
  • SAP Next-Gen Chapters community
  • SAP Next-Gen Labs and hubs community
  •  Code with Purpose by SAP Next-Gen community
  • SAP Next-Gen Advisors community
  • SAP Next-Gen for young thinkers community
  • SAP Next-Gen Academic community for SAP Leonardo
  • SAP Next-Gen Academic community for Qualtrics and Experience Management

A focus topic chapter is a multiplier in a particular area of expertise. As examples, some SAP Next-Gen focus topic chapters will specialize on digital core with SAP S/4HANA. Others plan to focus on digital innovation with analytics, machine learning, or blockchain technology. Some will focus on Experience Management with Qualtrics. Others will focus on running Code with Purpose by SAP Next-Gen hackathons to foster a global movement of students developing disruptive solutions to social challenges. And some may focus on educating students on innovation methodologies including science fiction thinking and purpose thinking; or enabling academia to run gender equality events to make innovation and technology work better for young women and girls; or enabling members as SAP Next-Gen Labs including supporting industry partners with SAP Next-Gen services for SAP Leonardo.

Some SAP Next-Gen Chapters may host regional faculty trainings, develop new academic curriculum on SAP offerings including Qualtrics experience management, or showcase thought leadership on digital business. Chapters may also share best practices in linking student projects using SAP technologies to “innovation with purpose,” or foster student social entrepreneurs using SAP technologies. Each chapter can choose to be a cross topic or focus topic chapter to enable members of the SAP Next-Gen innovation with purpose community to connect, engage, and be enabled to reimagine the future of industries.

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SAP Next-Gen focus topic


Brandenburg, Germany Technische Hochschule Brandenburg SAP Next-Gen Chapter Prof. Dr. Robert U. Franz
Darmstadt, Germany Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences




Matthias Vieth
Friedrichshafen, Germany Zeppelin Universitaet Friedrichshafen

SAP Next-Gen Chapter

Dr. Lennart Brand
Graz, Austria Fachhochschule Joanneum

SAP Next-Gen Chapter

Dr. Christian Bischof
Heidelberg, Germany Young Business School Heidelberg c/o Institut fuer Jugendmanagement

SAP Next-Gen Chapter

Gero Schaefer
Heilbronn, Germany
Heilbronn University of Applied Science

Digital Design Thinking & Business Model Innovation

Prof. Dr. Sonja Salmen
Innsbruck, Austria MCI Management Center Innsbruck Internationale Hochschule GmbH

Design Thinking and SAP Business by Design

Prof. Dr. Dietmar Kilian, Prof. Dr. Peter Mirski
Karlsruhe, Germany Karlsruher Institut für Technologie

SAP Next-Gen Chapter

Esther Legant
Magdeburg, Germany Otto-von-Guericke-Universitaet Magdeburg

SAP Next-Gen Chapter

Stefan Weidner
Moenchengladbach, Germany Hochschule Niederrhein

Chapter Curriculum Development

Birgit Lankes
Munich, Germany SAP Next-Gen Hub Muenchen

FQ Lounge

Deepa Gautam-Nigge
Munich, Germany Technische Universitaet Muenchen

SAP Next-Gen Chapter

Dr. Harald Kienegger
Offenburg, Germany Hochschule Offenburg


Prof. Dr. Tobias Hagen
Potsdam, Germany Hasso-Plattner-Institut

SAP Next-Gen Chapter 1+2

Prof. Dr. Andreas Polze, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Weinberg
Potsdam, Germany Universitaet Potsdam

SAP Next-Gen Chapter

Prof. Dr. Key Pousttchi
Saarbruecken, Germany DFKI Deutsches Forschunszentrum für Kuenstliche Intelligenz

SAP Next-Gen Chapter

Prof. Dr. Antonio Krueger
Sierre, Switzerland Hochschule Wallis, Sierre/Siders Small- and Mid-Sized Enterprises Prof. Dr. Werner Maier
Sigmaringen, Germany Hochschule Albstadt-Sigmaringen Curriculum Development Prof. Dr. Martin Wassmann
Stuttgart, Germany Zentrums für Schulqualität und Lehrerbildung SAP Next-Gen Chapter Dr. Thomas Riecke-Baulecke
Vienna, Austria Technische Universitaet Wien

Real Estate

Prof. Dr. Alexander Redlein
Walldorf, Germany DSAG SAP Next-Gen Chapter Sophie Hartmann
Wernigerode, Germany Hochschule Harz

Enterprise GPS

Prof. Dr. Hans-Juergen Scheruhn
Wiesbaden, Germany Hochschule RheinMain


Prof. Dr. Karin Graeslund
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