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DACH Academic Board

What is the SAP Academic Board DACH?


The SAP Academic Board DACH acts as a "trusted advisor" on the process of continuous improvement of the SAP UA program for SAP-related teaching, research and education.


The SAP Academic Board DACH provides feedback on new offers from SAP UA in terms of relevance, implementation capability and benefits. In addition, it makes its own suggestions as to which offers SAP UA or UCC / ACC should include in new curricula and how the know-how transfer to the lecturers can take place.


Thus, the SAP Academic Board has a direct influence on the orientation, content and design of the SAP UA program.


At the same time, the SAP Academic Board DACH should be the mouthpiece and representative of all lecturers in the UA program in the DACH region. For this purpose, regular communication and possibilities for articulating interests and exchanging information with each other should be established.



How does the SAP Academic Board DACH perform its tasks and how much effort is involved?


The SAP Academic Board DACH meets three times a year all day for a physical meeting - once again as part of the annual SAP Academic Conference EMEA.


In addition, there is a telephone conference once a month on current topics.

Co-Chairs of the DACH Academic Board
Prof. Dr. Karin Gräslund
RheinMain University of Applied Sciences
Prof. Dr. Dietmar Kilian
MCI Innsbruck
DACH Academic Board Lecturer Representatives
Prof. Dr. Heimo Adelsberger
Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences
Prof. Dr. Christian Drumm
University of Applied Sciences Aachen
Dr. Lennart Brand
Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen
Prof. Dr. Uta Mathis
University of Applied Sciences Esslingen
Prof. Dr. Detlev Frick
University of Applied Sciences Niederrhein
Prof. Dr. Nicole Marmé
University of Education Heidelberg
Prof. Dr. Cordula Boden
University of Applied Sciences Erfurt
Prof. Dr. Karl Liebstückel
University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt
Prof. Dr. Jorge Marx-Gomez
University of Oldenburg
Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Scheruhn
University of Applied Sciences Harz
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Matthias Söllner
University Kassel
Prof. Dr. Nicole Ondrusch
University of Applied Sciences Heilbronn
Dr. Stefan Stöckler
University of Applied Sciences St. Gallen
DACH Academic Board UCCs / ACCs
Stefan Weidner
UCC Magdeburg
Prof. Dr. Alexander Redlein
ACC Vienna

Technical University Vienna

Cassandre Payen
ACC Switzerland

University of Applied Sciences and Arts Valais

Dr. Holger Wittges
UCC Munich

Technical University Munich

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Christiane Bauer
Founder & Global Lead SAP Young Thinkers
André Biener
Regional Director DACH & Academic Network Manager / Eastern Germany
Deepa Gautam-Nigge
Lead SAP Next-Gen Innovation Network – Munich
Waltraud Grimm
SAP Next-Gen Events
Dr. Michael Nuernberg
SAP University Alliances and SAP Next-Gen Country Manager DACH
Silvia Rathgeb
SAP Next-Gen / University Alliances Director Austria
Katrin Redmann
Global Innovation Portfolio Lead
Andrea Tvarusko
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