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Join us at our events and connect with experts and thought leaders from SAP and our partners, startup and tech communities and academia at salons, bootcamps, summits and meetups! Stay tuned and find our upcoming events here.


Our annual SAP Academic Community Conference DACH 2020 "Teaching Digital Skills for the Digital Age" will be on September 7 and 8! 

Register here and keep yourself informed for further updates. 



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Election of the SAP Academic Board DACH 2021/ 2022


Within the scope of the SAP Academic Community Conference 2020, new members of the SAP Academic Board DACH will be elected virtually. 


How candidates can proclaim their interest:


Please write an e-mail to as well as until August 31, 2020 with the following information (about 1 page):

  • Short form of your Curriculum Vitae 
  • Your motivation to collaborate at the SAP Academic Board DACH
  • Concrete subjects you would like to take responsibility for 
  • Your experiences with SAP solutions and how you applied them in research & education 
Event Series

Innovation with Purpose - Global Goals 2030


This group gives a platform to you as innovators, startups, universities and supporters of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals #GlobalGoals.

You can pitch 15 minutes as an active supporter, get 10 minutes of questions and feedback of the audience and 17 minutes of networking with cool drinks and pretzels. You also can enjoy the event as a guest among our public. Please register to attend this great 1000+ people community and meet Next-gen visions, ideas and contacts. You will get for sure sustainable information, mindset, personal startup and innovation ideas.

The meetup is in English and free of charge!


Experience Management Meetup Series


Fusing X and O to Power and Transform the Experience Economy: Combining Qualtrics' experience data and insights with SAP’s unparalleled operational data will enable customers to better manage supply chains, networks, employees and core processes. Together, SAP and Qualtrics will deliver a unique end-to-end experience and operational management system to power organizations. Read more

Virtual Events
SAP Next-Gen Chapter Conference & Workshops 
Register now and join our annual SAP Academic Community Conference DACH 2020 on September 7 and 8.
This year, our program (conference language will be German) is packed with keynotes, sessions, and bootcamps. Check out the current Agenda.
Virtual Webinar Series
Thank You for being part of our first Virtual Webniar Series which will be continued soon.
You will find the Webinar presentations on the link below - there you will also get the chance to exchange and dicuss about several topics with and for the Community!
Keep yourself informed about upcoming Virtual Events 


Link will be available here 


Inverted Classroom and Video-Based Teaching Formats


Inverted classroom and video-based teaching formats

Watch our virtual session on ‘Inverted Classroom’ and video-based teaching formats presented by our guest speaker Professor Dr. Christian Spannagel. He is Prorector and teaching Professor for Mathematics with a focus on Computer Science and Implementation of new Media at Heidelberg University of Education as well as heading an SAP Next-Gen Chapter for SAP Young Thinkers.  


Inverted classroom (or flipped classroom) is a method in which students prepare for class by working with learning materials (e.g. lecture videos, tutorials, …) and by solving preparatory tasks. The time in class is then used for discussion, interaction, and reflection. Therefore, the inverted classroom is a student-centered method where activities at home and in class are re-arranged in order to get the most out of the time in class. In the online presentation, Christian Spannagel introduces the method and reports experiences in producing videos for teaching and learning. 


The session was recorded during the recent SAP Next-Gen Chapter Meeting DACH in Vienna in February. 

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