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SAP Next-Gen Labs at universities foster connections between academic thought leaders, researchers & students, and the SAP ecosystem including SAP customers, startups and accelerators, tech community partners, venture firms, purpose driven partners, and digital innovation experts from SAP and its partners, to drive innovation with purpose, the future of sustainable industries linked to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, and the experience economy.


Universities which open an SAP Next-Gen Lab have opportunities to:


  • open new channels to share thought leadership and collaborate with other thought leaders in academia and industry on the technologies and innovation methodologies driving the digital transformation of industries
  • connect companies recruiting next generation leaders with purpose driven students and graduates who have digital transformation knowledge and skills
  • showcase startups with corporates seeking to seed in disruptive innovation
  • conduct SAP Next-Gen projects which may include industry partners(software access will depend on the use case)
  • become preferred venues for SAP Next-Gen events

Lab Walldorf

Lab Walldorf

Lab Dresden


City, Country          




Brandenburg, Germany Technische Hochschule Brandenburg Prof. Dr. Robert U. Franz  
Dresden, Germany SAP Deutschland Dresden Mirko Paul  
Garching, Germany UnternehmerTUM GmbH Thomas Zeller  
Kapfenberg, Austria Fachhochschule Joanneum Batalla Martinez Sergi  
Heilbronn, Germany
Heilbronn University of Applied Science Prof. Dr. Sonja Salmen  
Innsbruck, Austria MCI Management Center Innsbruck Internationale Hochschule GmbH Prof. Dr. Dietmar Kilian, Prof. Dr. Peter Mirski  
Magdeburg, Germany Otto-von-Guericke-Universitaet Magdeburg Stefan Weidner  
Mannheim, Germany Duale Hochschule Baden Wuerttemberg Mannheim Prof. Dr. Juergen Redelius  
Mannheim, Germany Mafinex - Startup center    
Mannheim, Germany Hochschule Mannheim Prof. Dr. Kirstin Kohler  
Munich, Germany SAP Next-Gen Hub Muenchen Deepa Gautam-Nigge  
Munich, Germany Technische Universitaet Muenchen Dr. Harald Kienegger  
Muenster, Germany Universitaet Muenster Prof. Dr. Joerg Becker  
Neckargemuend, Germany Berufsbildungswerk Neckargemuend GmbH    
Pforzheim, Germany Hochschule Pforzheim Prof. Dr. Frank Morelli  
Ratingen, Germany SAP SE Ratingen Kai Wussow  
Sierre, Switzerland Hochschule Wallis, Sierre/Siders Prof. Dr. Werner Maier  
Soest, Germany Fachhochschule S├╝dwestfalen Prof. Dr. Matthias Schulten  
Vienna, Austria Technische Universitaet Wien Prof. Dr. Alexander Redlein  
Vienna, Austria SAP Next-Gen Wien Silvia Rathgeb   
Walldorf, Germany SAP Next-Gen Walldorf Dr. Michael Nuernberg  
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