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SAP Academic User Group Meeting 2019 in Magdeburg


The SAP DACH Academic User Group Meeting was held from September 9-13 at the University Competence Center location at Otto-von-Guericke University in Magdeburg, Germany, with 2 conference days followed by 3 days of bootcamps, and an SAP DACH Academic Board meeting. Opening keynotes by university and state representatives were followed by an SAP keynote From the Intelligent Enterprise to the Experience Enterprise” by Glenn González, Chief Technology Officer of SAP Germany. Otto Schell of DSAG spoke on the transformation of educational systems and the need to collaborate and define required future skill sets.


The University Competence Centers (UCCs) at Otto-von-Guericke University in Magdeburg and Technical University of Munich updated the community on SAP topics in education and research. The SAP DACH Academic Board co-leads Prof. Karin Gräslund and Prof. Dietmar Kilian presented the goals and achievements set for the collaboration within the community regarding knowledge exchange, technology usage and the growing network of SAP Next-Gen Chapters.


SAP University Alliances and SAP Next-Gen presentations focused on intensifying cross discipline collaboration; highlighted the value of all faculty completing the migration to teaching with SAP S/4HANA with inspiration and industry validation from SAP S/4HANA customer success stories; and showcased opportunities to educate students on new innovation methodologies such as science fiction thinking and purpose thinking linked the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Faculty were encouraged to conduct SAP Next-Gen projects so students can work on challenges from SAP customers using design thinking and other innovation methodologies and prototype solutions on SAP technology, gaining real life experiences (examples).


Six new SAP Next-Gen Chapters were announced, supporting educational institutions across the DACH region to build up the local SAP Next-Gen innovation with purpose network and enable customers to work with the mindset of young people at universities for disruptive design concepts and prototype solutions to accelerate becoming best-run, intelligent enterprises. Chapters collaborate with our UCCs, Academic Competence Centers (ACCs), the DACH Academic Board and SAP Next-Gen Labs/hubs to drive academic innovation and grow the community. The following new SAP Next-Gen Chapters were announced in Magdeburg:


  • Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences, Chapter Focus: SAP S/4 HANA, Prof. Dr. Robert U. Franz
  • Heilbronn University of Applied Science, Chapter Focus: Digital Design Thinking & Digital Business Model Innovation, Prof. Dr. Sonja Salmen
  • Heidelberg University of Education, Chapter Focus: Young Thinkers, Prof. Dr. Christian Spannagel
  • Zentrum für Schulqualität und Lehrerbildung (ZSL), Chapter Focus: Curriculum Development, Dr. Thomas Riecke-Baulecke
  • University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, Chapter Focus: Project Management & Entrepreneurship, Prof. Dr. Matthias Vieth
  • University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, Chapter Focus: Logistics, Prof. Dr. Monika Futschik
Collaboration opportunities to engage within the SAP Next-Gen & SAP University Alliances community


  • We are pleased that 85% * of you - in keeping with the sharing economy - already share your SAP University Alliances membership across disciplines with other faculties. On this new DACH website you will find all SAP Next-Gen Chapter und Labs as well as contacts to the DACH Academic Board.
  • We would like to invite you to carry out SAP Next-Gen projects, which means that your students will gain practical experience in the challenges of companies with the help of design thinking and prototyping on SAP technologies. Examples can also be found on this DACH website.
  • Use the SAP S/4HANA Momentum - as more than 10,000 SAP customers do - to complement your teaching with the latest technology.
    • Success stories of customers from different industries and countries can be found in the public webbook
    • In the SAP Learning Hub, academic edition, the latest curriculum "Introduction to SAP S/4HANA Using Global Bike 3.3" is available in English and German.
    • Use the offer of your UCC to try out SAP S/4HANA for one month free of charge.
    • As the continuation of the keynote "From Inteligent Enterprise to Experience Enterprise" by Glenn Gonzalez, Chief Technology Officer at SAP Germany, we invite you to the "SAP Next-Gen Academy for Experience Management" on November 27 and 28 2019 in Walldorf. Register now. Agenda details follow.



 * Based on the survey in which 52 people participated during the event in Magdeburg.


Thank you for your participation at the SAP Academic User Group Meeting 2019 in Magdeburg!

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