Fast-Track your journey towards the Intelligent Enterprise with S/4HANA
Join us on April 30 and May 28, 2019 for afternoon briefings
In a consumer-driven digital economy, the pace of innovation is relentless. Change has never been this fast, but it will never be this slow again. These briefings will show you how SAP  can help you on this journey. 
We welcome you to S/4HANA briefings
In a consumer-driven digital economy, the pace of innovation is relentless. Change has never been this fast, but it will never be this slow again. These briefings will show you how SAP  can help you on this journey.
Companies are beyond the stage of awareness when it comes to digital technologies. They already understand the power of AI, IoT, cloud, robotics, and mobile, while others like blockchain and augmented reality are just appearing on the radar.​
SAP is hosting 2 afternoon briefings in The SAP Experience Center in Copenhagen to help fast-track your innovation journey with intelligent ERP. The briefings will focus on why it is important to start now, and how  to get started. 
Why start now?
April 30, 2019, 12.00-17.00

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In speaking with CEOs today, they see significant business implications across three dimensions:​
1.    Drive total customer experience – Reimagine end-to-end processes from the point of first interaction to fulfillment to post-sales. Sometimes this requires digitizing products and services, or completely reimagining the business model​
2.    Deliver step change in productivity – Through a combination of digital technologies, companies can achieve a 15 –20% productivity gain, which completely transforms the cost structures and profit model of value chains across industries. ​
3.    Transform the way we work and engage employees – Touchless systems, automated processes, and other similar technologies will become the norm. These will augment human capabilities and enable employees to focus on value-added work and manage exceptions.​
All of this innovation will be fueled by data, from having the right intelligence to execution. We are entering the era of intelligent mega-processes, which start by combining the right datasets and converting them into intelligent insights. These insights then trigger automated transactions across the process. Leading companies that are making digital transformation a reality are putting data and intelligence at the center of their future. They are building new capabilities, skills, and technology, and evolving their culture to transform in to an ‘Intelligent Enterprise’ and achieve the aforementioned outcomes. These companies are not only delivering short-term value to shareholders, but are also positioned to thrive and transform their industry.​
We look forward to providing you insight on the triggers and benefits of moving towards an Intelligent Enterprise.
How to Start?
May 28, 2019, 12.00-17.30

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No company has the appetite to replace their systems, as every company has a very different landscape and a different level of focus based on their business priorities. Everyone has to also see the value. Moving to the Intelligent Enterprise is not just a technical upgrade.
The real value comes when companies adopt a customer-first, purpose-driven mindset, leverage innovative approaches such as design thinking and agile methodologies to reimagine business processes and business models.​
From our experience, there are three paths to migrating your company architecture to the intelligent enterprise. These paths have one thing in common - a lean enterprise architecture that is low cost and is data driven and ultimately provides you with the architectural agility in the new economy. The path that is right for you should be based on value and strategic alignment. There is no one way to get there, but early adopters are finding success based on the scenarios below:​
REIMAGINE BUSINESS PROCESS: Many companies are focused on end-to-end business process transformation (such as supply chain, procurement), landscape simplification, and reduction in customization. The goal is to migrate core ERP processes to S/4HANA + Cloud / LoB with full transformation in mind. These companies are looking to change the front office, supply chain, and more to truly address customer experience. They are looking to drive the next-generation of processes across the value chain. This requires a fresh greenfield approach, and a detailed review of which standard best practices in S/4HANA meet your business requirements. These companies are ready to move their ERP into private / public cloud environments. While a major effort across business processes, it is paying off with a TCO reduction of 20 –30% and tremendous business value as next practices are adopted​.
REIMAGINE BUSINESS MODEL: There are also companies that are looking at business model innovation or M&A and are taking advantage of the ability to have many industry solutions in one box. With industry lines blurring, the ability to take business capabilities from one industry and leverage them for a new business model in another industry is tremendous (for example, bringing retail to telco).
We look forward to providing you with suggestions on how to start your S/4HANA journey. 




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