SAP Innovation Day for

ALM Roadshow 2023




June 13th, 2023


Welcome to SAP and SAPSA event in Copenhagen!

Good traditions should be repeated! Happy to announce SAP ALM Roadshow 2023!


ALM roadshows are full-day on-site workshops for SAP customers (SAP partners participation is limited) to dive into SAP’s ALM offerings and strategy. A roadshow event covers all three ALM solutions!

  • SAP Cloud ALM as a new addition to SAP's Application Lifecycle Management solutions. Gain deeper insights into its capabilities!
  • SAP Focused Run fresh look on familiar options!
  • SAP Solution Manager transition to the SAP Cloud ALM.




15+ years of experience in product & solution management, corporate communications and social media, global event management and large-scale project management. Passionate ALM advocate and global conference speaker.

ALM Product Expert
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